how many speedy in Epi?

  1. How many size they make the speedy in Epi?
  2. 2: 25 and 30!
  3. oh, that bag is authentic. sorry about that.

    this is def. authentic. so either louis vuitton produced speedy 35's in epi, or this was a special order.

    either way: this bag is 100% authentic.
  4. Even though the official size IS 30, Epi speedy is longer! My Epi 30 measured almost 35!!!:nuts:
  5. oh, really! thats the new fact of Epi Leather which I never know! thanks!. , so the 30 of Epi is almost 35 of M canvs rite?:heart: :yes:
  6. Yes, it seems this way.:biggrin:
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