How Many Speedy Have You Got ?

How many speedy do you own?

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Mar 21, 2006
Bonsoir, just for pleasure, how many SPEEDY have you got : size, color and collection (epi, monogram, mc....) ? Do you use them all, if so, for what (travel, work, diner...) ?

If a mini HL counts, then I have two! (MC and Mono 25) I only use the 25 if I am at the airport or if I need to return something at the mall. Its waay too big for my daily needs.
One, a green perf. 30. However, I'm saving up for another bag now, and I'm considering getting the mono 35 when I have enough cash as it would be perfect for school (The 30 just feels a little bit too small to keep most of my stash).
I have two. I have a monogram canvas 30 and an epi red 25. I'm really glad that the epi reds now come with silvertone hardware instead of goldtone. Here's a pic.
Zero :shame:. I really love the black multicolore (that's all I own), and I feel like the 30 is too big for me. They don't make that in 25...nor do they make the new perfo in 25, which makes me sad. With any luck they'll come out with a 25 in that metallicy stuff that was in the Fall/Winter fashion show, and I'll be able to afford it. I like the denim, but I really can't justify it, way too much as I love the line I can't help but feeling its just jeans although I know its more than a pink vernis speedy...I'd be all over that!

I don't know, I might just cave in and get a MC 25...but I live right by NYC and I see so many fake ones it almost makes me not want one.

I'm done with my rant now :biggrin:
I have a monogram canvas Speedy 25 and a baby Speedy (Sac HL). When I learned that they could be folded flat, I fell in love with them immediately. I use them as everyday bags and would love to pack them in my luggage when traveling as alternative bags. :P
LV_addict said:

LV Addict ,

You make me sick :sick: with envy. The denim and the Cerises speedy are the exact two bags on my recent wish list.

I just lost an auction this morning for the Denim one.:evil: If you're looking to sell. PM me anytime. LOL :P

I love all of your bags. We have the same taste.
I have a Mono Speedy 25, and I haven't carried it in about 12 years. I don't want to carry it in my hand, and my elbow hurts if I carry it on my arm. I don't want to use the strap I have either because it's one of the thin types they had years ago.

I really do need to put it up on eBay.