How many songs on your IPOD/MP3 ?

  1. I love my IPOD, and am always adding I am almost full! I have the 30 gb, thinking of getting the 60...what do you guys have, how many songs?

    30 gb, 6991 songs
  2. I rarely add songs on mine :P
    I sometimes delete songs the ones I no longer like. Currently, I have about 550 on my 4GB mini.
  3. I had 1,000 on my 20 gig. Then I tried to update it and the thing had a heart attack and I can't get it to do anything. Grrrrr. I hate my ipod.
  4. I have 294 songs on my Ipod :biggrin:
  5. 135 songs, but i only have the shuffle
  6. I had 500+ on my mini but then it died and I got a nano which is CUTE but holds significantly less...right now I think I have around 400ish. My next one (in a year or so) will be larger (with a bigger screen so I can watch TV shows on the go)
  7. i have the 15gb ipod, and it's almost full. i can play all the songs in there for 7 days straight.
  8. about 2000 on my 30GB. have a ways to go before its full! wish the battery life was longer. now mr. jobs introduces the mini ipod with 24 hour battery life. jerk.
  9. 4311 on a 20gb.
    i'm upgrading to a 60 gb soon because i have MUCH more music i need to add!
  10. I have a white nano and about 500 songs, i think.
  11. I have 1,381 on my 30GB. However about twenty are audiobooks. I messed up when transfering and all my audiobooks wound up in my music section. I have 896 on my ipod mini -- which I use at work.
  12. i only buy flash mp3 players... and the capacity on most of them are less than 8gb.

    currently, i have about 40 songs on mine... i have plenty of space for more, but i often delete them and put songs i like at the moment. i listen to the same songs over and over and get sick of them after a month or so, and then change music once again. i store all my media files in my external hard drives (over 500gb)... so i'd never need anything more than a 2gb mp3 player (like my iriver clix)
  13. 936 on my 20GB
  14. I so hear you! And I love the pink!
  15. Doesn't it take what seems forever to add them all!
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