How many songs do you have in your Ipod?

  1. I currently have 23,249 songs. Okay I know I am just a little obsessed. That is why my new purse addiction is so dangerous. I have 37,897 songs on my hard drive but I can't fit any more on my Ipod.

    I use my Ipod everyday. I listen to it at work and in my car. I just leave it on shuffle so it is just like listening to the radio but only better. No commercials and no crappy music.
  2. I only have about 800 songs on mine, I have a small 8GB one, think that holds like 2000 songs. I could never have that many LOL
  3. I have about 1,500. I have a 10GB iPod.
  4. I have 1,527 songs and 33 videos.
  5. :nuts: You guys are all by far beating me!! I have a 30G Ipod Video but I only have about 650 songs in it and 1 episode of Sex and The City. :shame:
  6. Wow Beljwl, that's impressive! I only have 7,327 songs on mine :shame:
  7. Holy cow! How long did it take to download that many songs to your ipod? YIKES! I have a little over 1000 and it took forever and a day to put them there.
  8. lol. i think i have the smallest, 781.
    and some of the songs i dont even like. how do you guys do it???
  9. Wow! And I thought I had alot at 7,482.
  10. wow i really should get more use out of mine. i have like 200 songs and a 15 gb one. really need to add more songs, i'm really getting bored of the 15 cds i have.
  11. 6410 songs. 347 podcasts. 41 tv shows, 5 movies, 23 music vids.

    needless to say, my 30gb is NOT big enough!
  12. Ha you guys are goign to laugh! I only have 32 songs in my nano! lol!
  13. wow, you make good use out of yours!
  14. i get bored VERY easily. so i need all that other stuff to keep my occupied sometimes. :shame:

  15. I have had my Ipod for a little over 2 years now. I started with a 40 Gig and filled that one up had to get a 60 Gig and I filled that one up. Now I have the 80 and it is full.

    My husband has the exact same on his as I do on mine. It is a good thing we like all the same music.