How many SOGs do you own?


Apr 1, 2011
Come on own many do you have and how many on order? Since I discovered SOGs I have become a total shopaholic and can't restrain myself, I have no self control and go to sleep thinking about nails and wake up thinking nails! I have about 30 so far and another haul on it's way.
Please tell me I am not alone in my SOG insanity.


May 11, 2011
Phédre;19148089 said:
Thanks for the info! I've never tried those. After acrylics damaged my nails I'm a bit unsure about these things.

I had thin acrylic overlays for years. It was the only way I could keep polish on and they were so hard on my nails. After 2 months wearing SOGs my nails felt 100% stronger and are no longer thin and peeling. You might give it a shot. They are awesome!


May 28, 2011
I don't have any ... yet. :lol: By this time next week, however, it will be a whole different story!

I'm just hoping that my UV lamp will arrive by next Monday. We have a "rotating" postal strike up here in Canada ... and that could mean that I will have to wait longer for my light! :cry:



Apr 21, 2011
Just got Bellas Vampire and Sweet Chocolate in today's mail, so that brings me up to 10 colors. Two are neutrals, two are not quite dupes but close enough that I will be putting one in the next exchange box, and one is Vegas nights, basically a topper for everything else. I guess that gives me six actual colors. I'm just getting started!


Apr 17, 2011
Phédre;19148089 said:
Thanks for the info! I've never tried those. After acrylics damaged my nails I'm a bit unsure about these things.

FWIW, years ago I wore acrylics too and found they just savaged my nails. I swore that I'd never do them or anything like them again. When SOGs came out, they looked interesting but I didn't jump on them until I saw Shellac. After my first manicure (lasted 2.5 weeks) and pedicure (lasted 5 weeks and only because it grew out), I realized I was on to something. I became a DIYer and I've been using Shellac and Gelish six months now and my nails - my own natural nails! - are longer and healthier than they've ever been in my life. Last night sort of as a test, I washed the car, planted my impatiens and vinca and did the dishes - all without gloves. My SOG is still intact and shiny like a new car.

BTW, I have 17 - God help me when Sally's starts carrying Gelish!

Shellac- Strawberry Smoothie, Iced Cappuccino, Gotcha, Blackpool, Rock Royalty, Clearly Pink, Hot Chilis, Masquerade

Gelish - Red Roses, Night Shimmer, Midnight Caller, Medieval Madness, It's a Lily, Tumberline Violet, Samuri, Sweet Chocolate

Gelac - Constellation


Apr 16, 2011
I swatched them all over the weekend (and posted here at TPF) and am up to 29!! :shocked:

(and will have 30 when one that broke in shipping is replaced) I think that is enough to last me quite a long while.


Aug 6, 2010
You have made me feel so much better, don't have any gelac, not sure whether to try it as have a lot of negativity about lifting etc.
But I DON'T need anymore!!

Need and WANT are two totally different concepts. I don't need anymore for about 10 years, but I'm always seeing new colors I want. LOL. Given that I need some major repairs on my house tho, I'm seriously on a ban.