How many sizes does the Kelly Double Tour have?

  1. Good day Hermes Fans!

    I'm really new to Hermes and have been wanting something Hermes for quite sometime. Then I came upon the Kelly Double Tour bracelet and it just hit me!!! After realizing that it could be too small for me (I'm a guy), but all the anxiousness vanished as soon as I saw Eric modeling the bracelet in one of the sub-forums (Thanks for the inspiration, Eric!) That's when I have decided I'll get myself the Kelly Double Tour bracelet! But the problem is, since I am very new to Hermes (forgive me!), I have a few questions:

    1. What sizes are there for the bracelet?
    2. Can I just go to an H store and get it? The problem is, I live in one of the smaller cities of's around a 2-hr drive to the nearest store which is located in Fukuoka and there's only 2 H stores and another one in the airport. I'm afraid that they wouldn't have it when I go there...or it doesn't matter where I am as long as there's an H store?
    Thanks a lot of your help!!!
  2. Thanks!!! Sorry for not being able to find it!
  3. I guess I should try my luck then!
  4. I would think the bracelet is available in every store, they can probably order it to your closest store if it´s not. It sure is a beauty!
  5. Ignus... they should be readily available.

    When i got m KDT bracelet, i was in Osaka...

    They didn't have it at the Umeda Store, but when i was at the airport, they did.

    Just ring around and see if they are happy to send it out to you (please be sure u are happy with the leather/colour combo)

    If worse comes to worse, and u can't get one shipped to you, you can log onto Rakuten and order a Hermes KDT from there via the resellers