How many shoes have you never worn?

  1. Ever bought shoes that just sit in their box, taken out every now and then to be admired lovingly and carefully tucked back in?

    Or shoes that once you got home thought "what was i thinking? they dont GO with anything!" but kept them just the same?

    How many in your collection has never been worn and why?
  2. None. I've got a pair of shoes currently waiting to be worn, but they will be worn in the next couple of weeks, they were bought for an occasion.
  3. I am so guilty of this! I have a few pairs that have been sitting in their boxes for a year or more b/c I don't have anything to wear them with.

    But I'm still glad I have them, just in case.
  4. Lots. I am guilty as charged! I have had shoes for years that I haven't yet worn. Yet being the key word.....I WILL wear them one day!

  5. lol! oh my if my hubby saw this thread HE would respond! i have a crapload of shoes that i've bought and never worn.. it's crazy, but sometimes i get stuck with wearing a few faves and never change them :smile: i gotta start wearing them tho because everytime i come home with a new pair i get the dreaded "another pair of shoes??" followed by "have you even worn some of the ones still in boxes babe?" hee hee honestly tho, i have at least 20 - 30 that i haven't worn yet!
  6. Juneplum, are you sure wer aren't married to the same man???? :roflmfao: BTW, I am a fellow South Floridian. We are moving back there in a couple of months....can't freaking wait!

  7. You must be my long lost twin. It's such a shame, isn't it? I am talking expensive shoes. Upwards of $500!!!
  8. Yes, usually because they were on sale. :nogood:
  9. i do the same...
  10. to many
  11. yes I have but i have not worn them bec I keep them for something. complicated to explain I guess, or rather complicated thought process. I just know that there will be a time taht I won't be able to buy any shoes and stuff, so i am thinking better buy now that I find a bargain, and keep them for later.... weird, he?
  12. Phew, this is a relief to read, glad i'm not the only one :p
  13. These. I have nothing to wear them with and no place to wear them. I bought them because they're cool though.

    I was thinking I could wear them if my boyfriend and I went to the mall because he walks real slow compared to me, and those shoes make me walk slower. He thinks they're silly though XD

  14. I have a few never worn, but a lot that have only been worn once.
    I keep all the pretty ones on a shoe rack in my bedroom, because I like to see them all the time.
  15. By the way, wtfomgwolfgang I like your shiny pink shoes. They are Barbie shoes and I mean that in a good way. I pink shoes. And red, I really like red shoes.:girlsigh::girlsigh: