How many shoes do you own?

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  1. Ever counted them all?

    I currently had a big clean up as I just moved house, got rid of some, sold some on ebay, gave a few away. So currently my collection is pitifully small at a mere 18 heels and 6 flats. I'm sure I'll be adding to it soon though. :yes:

    So just HOW MANY do you own?
  2. I have 171- none are high brand names. Most are Steve Maddens and I love every single one!
  3. As of today, I have 80 pairs including flip flops and sneakers. I am waiting for 9 pairs to arrive in the mail and I am going to try and cut back after that. The last couple months have been brutal as far as shoe shopping and we really can't afford for me to keep this up. We are moving back to the US in the next couple months so that is where all the money will be going.

  4. About 70 pairs. This includes pumps, sandals, boots, and flats. I'm not a sneaker person so I only have 3 pairs of those.
  5. Probably about 150 pairs....I will know shortly, as soon as they all arrive from HK, and I have all of my stuff in one place!!
  6. At one point I had a daft amount but vastly parred down and I didn't like having so much stuff......I reckon I have about 30 pairs
  7. I have 189 pairs of shoes and 10 sneakers... I keep them all in there original boxes to keep them nice and dandy for longer. I have many designer and a few kinda Aldos etc...
    A few that I have;
    Dingos (4), Louis Vuitton (5), Chanel, Nine West (13), Miu Miu (10), Marc by Marc Jacobs (2) Marc Jacobs (7) Manolo Blahnik (4), YSL (10), Gucci (5) DKNY (11), Escada (1) (unfortunatley) Jessica Simpsons (15) Etc....
    The list goes on and on...!
    I have about 20 pairs of aldos too.

    My favourites would either have to be my Jessica Simpsons I LOVE them!!! Soooo confortable, Shall post pictures of them all soon ladies!
    Emma W
  8. i never have enough :P i have about 60 pairs of shoes...i recently moved to iowa and loaded up everything in my small prius...and my shoe and handbag collections were definitely the first to pack! i brought about 40 pairs of shoes with me to iowa, which is kind of crazy, but at least now around the office i'm known for the shoes i wear everyday!
  9. Around 65.
  10. I have around 30ish pairs
  11. I only have around 40 pairs.
  12. :amazed: oh my god, you girls are shoes fanatics! I only have less than 50 pairs and I'm going crazy with finding places to keep them already. I even have to ebay some of my shoes. I guess it should be alright with me buying more shoes...:smile:
  13. Around 70-80
  14. :wtf:

    I thought I had quite a lot of shoes, maybe even too much, but my 20-25 pairs is nothing compared to you guys.
  15. I have appox (and damn proud) about 250 give or take a few.