how many shoes do you have?

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  1. hello all this thread is to tell me about how many pairs of shoes you all have and tell me the ranging of the designers so i am going to go first

    i have a little over 100 pairs maybe 103 to be exact of shoes ranging from the most pairs i have of the designers to the least pairs i have from the designers i have manolo blahnik, christian louboutin, jimmy choo, miu miu, gucci, fendi, dior, stuart weitzman, roberto cavalli, gieuseppi zanotti, dolce & gabbana, louis vuitton, rene coavalla, & ugg and i love every single one of them! i keep them in all the original shoe boxes so dont be shy ladies its time for shoes!
  2. Hi Fendiluva, I'm surprised you live in Manhattan and have room for all of your shoe boxes! I have about 80-100 pairs (mainly Manolo, Zanotti, Dolce & Gabbana, and Prada - although I have also bought Louboutin, Alaia, Pucci, YSL, Ferragamo, Chloe, and Jil Sander recently), and it would take over my closet if I kept the boxes! I even have to keep about 50 pairs in a big plastic box under my bed (in dustbags, of course)
  3. mich327 lol yes there usually all over my apartment! but i stack as high as they will go im just very weird when it comes down to that i love to keep the boxes but your collectons sounds awesome how are the jil sander shoes? i am thinking about purchasing, what part of manhattan are you from?
  4. Hi there, will join in:
    I have I think over 80 pairs only..designer mostly from Prada, Gucci, SF, sprinkling of Dior and Chanel, D&G Mostly heels..., and also other lower priced brands like nine West, Steve Madden, Cole Haan, Kenneth Cole, some from Zara (which I don't like cause the strap broke on one of them) and other no name stuff as well...I keep them not that well..(I'm so lazy)..most are in boxes though back in my parent;s I could not bring so many pairs of shoes here. =)
  5. I live in Midtown, Fendiluva. Jil Sander shoes ROCK - so comfy even in high heels! My Jil Sander croc toe boots are the best. The thing with Jil Sander, though, is that sometimes the shoes aren't terribly stylish. It's hit or miss, but if you can find a pair you like, you'll wear them forever
  6. Gee, I feel weak here, I only have like 5 pairs of Manolos, 1 pair of Prada boots, 1 pair of Jimmy Choos, 3 pairs of Christian Louboutin and 1 pair of Christian LaCroix. I wish I had a bigger closet and feet that could tolerate wearing high heels for a longer time.
    I am definitely more of a purse fanatic than a shoe fanatic.
  7. Are we counting boots too? Flip-flops???? Sneakers...???

    I've cleaned house quite a bit so I'm down to around 40 total, give or take...
    My favorites are my Jimmy Choo black spikes...just added this pair to my mix..[​IMG]haven't worn them yet though...
  8. My shoe collection has swelled in the past year. I used to care less about shoes, but when I got into bags, I started caring that my shoes looked as nice as my purse. So I went from 2 pairs to about 30 pairs.
  9. pfffft i just did a shoe wardrobe cleaning out and now i only have 10 pairs left! can't remember all the brands, but mostly roberto vianni and puma etc
  10. I live in Singapore, staying in a 2 bedroom condo & I have about 90 pairs of shoes including sneakers. So my shoes are up to the ceiling & I have my own shoe ladder for those shoes that's hard to reach.

    I'm a a big fan of flats but I do have a few pairs of heels. My brands are mostly from LV, Gucci, Prada, Prada Sport, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo & Chanel. I have 2 pairs of Manolos (that I hardly even use) & a pair of Roger Vivier flats (a gift from my DH). I'm a sneakerhead I collect limited editions Nike, Adidas, Puma & Yoji Yamamoto's Y3.

    And I see a pair of Lanvin ballet flats in my future.

  11. About a dozen pairs I wear in the fall/winter. I'm not sure about spring/summer but I think it's a little more than that... so I probably own 30 pairs of shoes, total. I'm finding this is a reasonable number for me and I've got the proper shoe for any outfit and occasion.

    As far as brands, I tend to stick with mid-level... not super high end designers like Jimmy Choo, but I don't buy my shoes at Nine West either. I've mostly got Via Spiga, Stuart Weitzman, Cynthia Rowley, London Sole, Michael Kors (both signature line and Michael by Michael), Charles David, Nina...and of course my one beloved pair of Chuck Taylors, though I save them for running errands on the weekends.

  12. Erm....too many??

    I've got mainly (UK) high street brands such as Next, New Look, River Island and Faith, i also have a couple of pairs of 'designer' sandals by Beatrix Ong and Audley of London.:love:

    All in, including boots etc - around 100 pairs...i think.:wtf: :heart:
  13. AWWW,I feel weird...I only have one pair of designer shoes:a pair of D&G sandals.:sad:
    But counting all the rest I must have about 50 pairs.
  14. I cleaned out some shoes too. I think I have more than 20 pairs and mostly are sneakers. Brands are North Face, Vans, Nine West, Born, Nike, Puma, Aldo, Coach, JC, and Burberry.
  15. around 10, i only wear 4 regularly.