How many shades of blue (Epi) did LV make?

  1. ..i'm curious..which blue colors are there? are they all discontinued?
  2. 1. Toledo blue~ discontinued
    2. Myrtille Blue~ current
    That is all I know of...:flowers:
  3. Two, that I know of....

    The first, toledo (I think) is lighter and mrytille, the most recent. Myrtille just went out of production, so it is still available until sold out.
  4. Was there also a blueberry or was that something else?
  5. No blueberry.:P
  6. The Myrtille was sometimes called blueberry :yes: But yes, there has been two that I know of: Toledo (first pic in an special ordered Alzer) and Myrtille (seen as a keepall 45 in the second pic):
    Toledo Blue Epi Suitcase.jpg Myrtille Epi Keepall 45 $1,200.jpg
  7. Here is toledo blue~

    [​IMG]and myrtille:[​IMG] borrowed from kao~

  8. There used to be a blueberry listed on LV's website. I always wondered if it was the same as the myrtle or toledo, or if it was a different color.

    I just checked and the mandara pm is listed as blueberry.
  9. Hey Smith~ I just looked at Elux and it says myrtille?
  10. That's great! thank you!
  11. Myrtille and Toledo are they only ones as far as I know. Myrtille=Blueberry (myrtille is french for blueberry)