How many seasons?

  1. Hey gals! For the Luxe ligne, how many different seasons did they make the black luxury bowler? I'm getting the metalic goatskin, but how can I tell what season its from? And whats the difference? I know there is a deerskin, but is that all? Thanks
  2. Please help! I know luxe bowler owners are out there!
  3. The first season spring 06 was both metallic goatskin and smooth calfskin. The second season fall 06 was metallic deerskin (but more matte than metallic). Third season cruise 06 was distressed calfskin and spring 07 is patent.

    One thing I noticed about the cruise 06 and spring 07 luxury bowlers is that they are made in Italy versus France. They also don't look as well made as the earlier seasons.
  4. Thanks Roey! I knew you were out there! :smile: :smile: :smile:
  5. Good information, thanks.
  6. I'm getting paranoid about my bowler with that comment Roey.
  7. Why is the coldplaylover?
  8. No worries - I remember you said you were able to hand-pick your bag which is good. There seems to be no consistency in regards to quality within a collection as supply is now exeeding demand (used to be the opposite). So we're seeing some bags with open links and some with closed links (Cabas, Cotton Club) some with poor stitching and others with perfect stitching (Cabas, Luxury line) etc. It really depends on who is making the bag versus where the bag is made. If they really are being crafted by hand, someone is cutting corners!
  9. agreed! i remember people with their luxe bowlers falling apart. eeks.
  10. I have a Cruise 06 Luxe Bowler in dark silver - see my avatar. I purchased it in Jan 07 and so far so good. It is a muted metallic so it is holding up very well - no probs w/stitching or anything. I should mention that I do not use this bag everyday maybe once or twice a week.