How many scarves..........

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  1. does it take to be satisfied? I don't know what's with me but I constantly see scarves I fall madly in love with....

    And now, thanks to Miss Gina_B I need to find that Les Toits de Paris in CREAM!!!! It's not like I don't already HAVE a scarf in cream....I just BOUGHT a scarf in cream........

    I can live without this scarf but that's not the would go perfectly with my one pair of winter white pants I own and my new black velvet jacket......

    Please tell me I'm not the only one with scarf issues...........:s
  2. But you wear them so well shopmom!!! How does the one you are searching for look? Any pics? The Year of the Dance scarf you have, I was so close to getting in Vegas but went with the Losange Brown scarf instead =)
  3. ooooooo PEL! What does the Losange scarf look like? I'm not sure I've seen that one....................wait.....don't show me.........I can't take another scarf I just HAVE TO HAVE!!!! me..............really........
  4. I have serious scarf issues!!!:yes: Especially pochettes...I'm going crazy waiting for SF to get some new designs.
    I am also dying to get:
    les Mustangs in red
    Les Toits de Paris in dark blue
    and so many others...I don't think I could ever have enough!!! :sweatdrop:
    And I am kicking myself for not getting the Cheval Surprise at the NM sale.
  5. I'm slowly getting my feet wet in the scarf arena because I could totally see myself getting out of control with them; H-scarves are so beautiful and totally addicting! Fortunately/unfortunately, I'm not a scarf person in general so the few that will work with my skintone and clothing are the ones I choose; definitely forces me to be a bit more picky (thank goodness!) so I can't go all out.
  6. The biggest collection I've ever heard was a woman who owned over 3000 scarves. If you do the math, that's almost $1,000,000.
  7. Nooooooooo, HG! That's

    ....ok......I feel a whole heck of a lot better now.........................
  8. Would love to see her method of organizing them! YIKES! :wtf:
  9. :sneaky: I see my nefarious plan has worked! :devil:

    But I have to say the only reason I bought the Danse du Cosmos scarves at all was because of you and the one you posted!! I think it's a nice symbiotic relationship of temptation we've got going here. ;)

    I don't think I could ever just stop buying scarves. Think of it this way: while you don't really need them per se, they are utilitarian items, so if you have them, they'll always prove useful, right? That's my bag/clothing/accessories philosophy. :P

    [edit] HG, I would LOVE to see that collection!! She must need a card catalog to keep track of them all!!
  10. just think of them as art. It's what they really are anyway- wonderful works of wearable (and thus practical! :idea: ) art. And you can never have too much art- that is a rediculous idea.
  11. Here are a couple pics - just a simple brown scarf! Thanks to SoCal. I never knew H carried these scarves ;)



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  12. LOL!!!! GINA- I swear I've got that scarf on the BRAIN!!!!
  13. You'll ALWAYS want another, D. I went through an ENTIRE tape of Dymo Black on Clear last time I labelled them all......THAT'S pretty intense.....

    wait until you love a design so much you start collecting all the available colourways....
  14. I agree with you D, Les toits de Paris in cream is absolutely gorgeous; I wonder if my store has it ??? Would you like me to ask ?!?!:graucho:
  15. Whoa, GF!!! I use black on GOLD Dymo tape!!!!