How many Sabrinas are enough?

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  1. Hi ladies I was just wondering do you think 5 Sabrinas are enough? I started with one I bought for an awesome price on ebay when they first came out. I got a large khaki op art nwt for just under $200 dollars. Then I saw one at Macy's a white op art for 50% off. I just bought another from ebay a dark brown op art small size for $120.

    :graucho: Then to top it all off I just ordered a large cobalt sabrina and a dark purple op art from Macy's but they were full price. I think I am obessed does anyone else have more than two sabrinas?
  2. I have eight. I think it is an addiction! I finally feel like I have enough now though.

  3. Glad to hear I am not the only one.
  4. I have three. I want one more, but that's not to say I'd turn down others if the price was right or if a new color I want comes out. :P
  5. I have 2 and that's enough for me (actually it's probably one too many for me, but anyways...). I have the metallic and the gray leather bags. The metallic b/c I am in love w/ the leather and the gray for use in the summer. But I also have a leather pearl Carly that I've been using lately and it's a fantastic I haven't put either Sab into full rotation yet. :smile:
  6. i have 0 sabrinas but i have 8 peytons and 4 xl zoes... only you can figure out if you have the space, budget and desire for multiples

    (but i highly encourage it if you love the bag!)
  7. Johnnie can you do a picture of the Zoes like you did with the Peytons?
  8. I just bought my first and doubt I will buy another. However I do have other bags that I would love multiples of so I understand!
  9. Initially Sabrina didn't appeal to me. Then I tried one and went back for more! :yahoo: I love style and the colors that they produced in this bag. I really like that I can use it with the shoulder strap if I want to. I will definitely purchase this style again.:graucho:
  10. I can see how Sabrina can get addictive. It's a classic style :smile: If you love it why not collect it anyway? Also you can have a few to throw around and a few to baby and show off for special occasions.
  11. I have 3 - a black leather with gold hardware, melon op art, and grey opart.. and I still want AT LEAST one more..........(leather amethyst) :smile:
  12. I have no Sabrina bags because I prefer handsfree shoulder bags. But I think I will take another look at the Sabrina shoulder strap option IRL.
  13. You can never have too many Sabrinas!!
  14. I have 5 sabrinas, along with a boatload of other purses. I love them all, but I fear that I won't be able to use them all like they deserve. 5 is more than plenty for me.
  15. 0 Sabrinas is enough for me, personally, but I do think multiples are great if you find a bag you love that works for you! For me, that bag is Zoe, but even though we are addicted to different bags, I do understand--and support!--the addiction! :biggrin: