How many RETURNS does it take? LONG ... **PICS!


How many returns did you have to do?

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  1. Well as some of you know i have had several problems ... i was wondering how many returns you have had to do on one specific bag .. this is my second return .. i really hope that i am satisfied this time, i'll know thursday!

    I have included pics of the problems... piping rip is the first problem ... the seam that is off and caving in is the second!

    ok i see that i messed up the poll .. 1-2 2-3 .. hahah .. oh well .. do you best
    lvtrouble.jpg lv1.jpg lv5.jpg
  2. I'm sorry about all the trouble that you're having with your bag! I hope everything works out this time :flowers:
  3. thanks .. i really do too .. i will know thursday when i get the new bag ..
  4. HAHA! I put in 2-3 thinking, "gosh, I'm a trouble maker" only to see the "bar" over halfway across to 100% and thought "Wow! i'm glad im the not the only one!!" all the while feeling very relieved. The I saw that it was because I was the only one that voted so far. :push:

    My problems was with the speedy as well. It seems with that style and all the curves its hard to sew it together well.

    I cant remmeber what was wrong with it the first time... i just know that it was for more than one reason. I know part of it was becuase the glaze didnt fully cover the handles. I think the second reason may have been because part of the end of the zipper was covered (only a little) and part of the piping was squiggly. Not 100% sure but I knwo of the bags I returned that was part of the reason. its been awhile. I went back and unfortunately the same SA who originally sold me the bag helped me. She was snooty the first time and even snootier this time. She reluctantly brought out another one for me to look at all the while seeming very frustrated and impatient and stared at me the whole time giving me the evil eye. I felt pressured and without really checking the bag too thoroughly just took it. Later that day, when I was alone to closely examine it, I noticed the piping was uneven so that it stuck out much more in on area and then was very sunken into the btwn the canvas in another area. You could feel it was significantly stuck out by running ur finger on the piping aroudn the bag. You could totally see it sticking out awkwardly from the profile. Honestly, I was scared to go back but my friend I met up with afterwards also notied it and said for $620, youd BETTER get a fault-free bag. She came with me (I was nervous the mean SA would be there) luckily a very nice SA helped me and brought out several for me to chose. My good friend helped me pick a good one. And there I was with Speedy #3. 3 months later, I had used the bag no more than 2-3 times each time for about 10-30 minutes (and I'm VERY gentle on my bags) when I noticed the bottom ends of tabs were fraying. Not NORMAL! I was lucky I was helped by a very very VERY kind SA who (this is rare) agreed the bag looked brand new (in all honestly it WAS pracctically new) and exchanged it for me and brought out about 6-9 bags to show me! (there was another SA there who butted in to say it was wear and tear, thank goodness she didnt help me!) Best experience ever!! So yes, 3 times in order to get a great speedy.

    BTW, I'm confident you will get a speedy you love as much as i love mine!
  5. ^ great story!
  6. I've never had to return anything to LV- but that wear is definitely not normal so don't feel bad about returning it!
  7. Where exactly did you purchase the bag? Just curious!
  8. Not sure if you are asking me but in the case you are... The previous 3 flawed bags where purchased a South Coast Plaza in Orange County Costa Mesa. The last wonderful speedy I got was from Standford Shopping Mall in Palo Alto.
  9. Never had to return for a defect yet.
  10. I have never had to return; however, in the last week or so I have seen other members post pics of their speedies and one side was off just like yours. It looked uneven.

    My monogram riveting slouches on one side and wondered why. After careful inspection, the interior lining on that side is a bit off, so even if I place something inside to 'structure' it - it doesn't help.
  11. Eluxury!
  12. In the process of returning a Jack & Lucie (monogram color) to eluxury. 3 of the crystals on Lucies teeth are off. Eluxury advised to return it but to note no more in stock or take it to a LV boutique to get them fixed. I'm returning it. For $240, I shouldnt have to take anything to get fixed, especially when its brand new. Yesterday though I saw they had one available and I ordered. So now I'm in the process of waiting for the new one and waiting for a return label for the one i ordered 2 weeks ago. Hopefully her teeth will be fine.
  13. i hope that you will get a good one in!
  14. Sorry to hear about all your trouble. Hopefully, your next bag will be a keeper.
  15. Thanks! You to as well!

    Eluxury should have better quality control. Good Luck on Thursdays arrival!!