How many repairs are too many?

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  1. I just received my first credit letter from Coach. $338 for a braided strap satchel where the sealant was peeling badly. I've already received 2 40% off letters in the recent past for bags they couldn't repair.

    Today I sent in a Sabrina whose patent leather straps were peeling. The SA looked at it and said "it looks like a dog chewed on these"!!! I couldn't believe she said that- that was NOT the case!

    Is there a limit on how many repairs you can send in? I'm worried I'm taking advantage of their repair policy a wee bit too much! :blush:

    Also, can credit letters be used w/ PCE? The SA told me I'm set to get one tomorrow! :yahoo:
  2. There is no limit to the amount of repairs you can have! That just means that you've spent a lot of money on Coach buying all the bags you are sending in to start with so Coach is pretty happy with you. ;)

    Unfortunately you cannot combine credit letters with PCE. Buy one bag with your credit, then do a separate transaction for anything additional you want with PCE. HTH!
  3. I wish Coach was happy with people for spending too much money! Unfortunately, with Coachs' track record for banning people for buying too much, I'm hesitant to send more repairs in (should I need to in the future). Who knows if they'll start banning people for repairing too much as well?

    I'm bummed that I can't combine w/ PCE. A friend of mine was able to use it at the outlet w/ a 20% coupon so I thought it would be ok.
  4. Well I can see why you would be worried. I really don't think you need to though. I work for Coach and I've never heard anything that suggests that they tally repairs. The thing is, just because you send a bag in doesn't mean that JAX will issue you anything -- they evaluate the bag and decide what to do. If they feel that it wore prematurely or was somehow defective and is no longer usable, they will issue you a credit. They will send you the coupon if they feel it is still a usable bag but maybe something bad happened to it. If it looks like regular wear and tear or something that was inflicted on the bag (pen marks, dog chewing it, slicing it with a knife on purpose, etc.) then they are just going to send it back to you. So they will not allow you to abuse their repair policy. People buy the bags largely BECAUSE of the repair policy -- don't be afraid to use it!

    Oh, and I don't think the outlets were supposed to let your friend combine discounts. The letter states clearly that it cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion. You can always try it and hope that your SA makes a mistake and lets you like your friend's did, but the policy is not to combine.
  5. ^mistakes like that might raise a red flag too if I may add

    that's why if it says it cannot be combined (and it does) it's best to follow the policy stated
  6. Don't you work for Coach?
    I don't think I would even try this. Given Coach's propensity to shoot first and ask questions later, I wouldn't even push this. Just be happy they are so generous with their "repair" policies and pick out something new.
  7. I was able to use my repair credit letter at the outlet HOWEVER I've always known that the credit letters CANNOT be used during PCE!!!

    I wouldn't try and "double dip" on Coach!!! Using a 40% OFF letter in conjunction with outlet discounts!!!

    In ALOT of cases women buy these bags at the outlet and receive FULL MSRP for their credit so I think that's BEYOND generous. Why buck a system that takes such good care of you already?! KWIM?!

    OP~ This is NOT pointing fingers at you, I'm talking in general!!!!!
  8. they're not saying the letter is limited to full price only so much as it cannot be combined with any other offers be it PCE or the outlet coupons

    coach knows of outlet bags being brought and if something happens to it..well to give full credit as if it was brought at the boutique because no matter where it's brought it's still a coach bag--

    but stacking promotion cars (pce) / coupons (outlet 20%)? no
  9. I don't have a 40% off letter- I have a credit in the amount of $339. I was asking if it can be used w/PCE.
    Answer is no. Thank you!
  10. I used a credit letter with PCE, the SAs told me I couldn't combine the 40% off discount on top of the 25% PCE discount but the credit letters are supposed to work like a gift card, which you can use with PCE too.

    Of course, I didn't really have a credit letter. The SA gave me full credit on the spot without having to send the bag to be evaluated by JAX as it was a known sealant issue and was unrepairable.

  11. Did they say WHY you can not use a credit????
  12. Just go ask Baglady39 who is the Coach MOD. Credit letters cannot be used with 25% OFF PCE cards!!! If you SA breaks the rule, great for you...but how would you feel if she broke it for someone else and then not for you?!

    You aren't SUPPOSED to be able to use a repair credit letter with PCE. It's a long established rule!!!!
  13. ^^ Sounds like they break it for everyone at my local store LOL I was surprised they let me do it, but they were insistent it could be done with the full credit letter, but not the 40% discount letter. Even the manager was there. So, lucky me I guess :roflmfao: