How many reds were produced in 05 and what are their names?

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  1. Thanks!! its at times like this that I miss the atelier website :sad:
  2. f/w 05 rouge theatre that's the only one I can remember
  3. pre-fall "Z" 2005 3
  4. Yup, definitely Bordeaux and Rouge Theatre in 2005. There was also a Metallic Red released 2004/2005.
  5. i have pics of my first red with silver hardware. I THINK it was 2004 - but unsure of what season:

    Here is a picture of the tag - I see I had the cards too - let me see if I can zoom in and see the year

  6. [​IMG]
  7. HOLY MOLEY its 2003!!!

  8. 2005 - 3 here is rouge hobo

  9. This image is the purse style that the tags above belon to

  10. Every Red by season:

    S/S 02 Flat Brass Burgundy Pebbled
    F/W 03 'D' 2003 3 Red
    S/S 04 'C' 2004 1 True Red
    S/S 06 'Y' 2006 1 Rouille
    S/S 05 Metallics Edition 'A' 2005 1 Red
    F/W 05 'Z' 2005 3 Rouge Théâtre
    F/W 05 'Z' 2005 3 Bordeaux

    F/W 06 'W' 2006 3 Grenat
    F/W 06 'W' 2006 3 Rouge Vif
    S/S 07 'V' 2007 1 Rouge Vermillion
    Pre F/W 07 rouge (tomato)
    Pre F/W 07 rouille (rust, paprika)

    PS-- if anyone has the French names, please let me know :heart:
  11. This image might help but its from Aloha Rag which notoriously got the names wrong. It might help to determine which colors came in that year

  12. Thanks so much for this info! I hope this gets added into the reference library that is currently being worked on above.