How many purses should a woman own?

  1. I'm new here and was just curious-how many purses should a woman ideally have?
  2. As many as she wishes and able to afford!:graucho: Welcome to tPF!:flowers:
  3. Well I dont know..but I do ask myself sometimes if I can only carry ONE purse everytime why do I buy a dozen of them? Hmm* Im greedy! lol Maybe I say 5-6 is totally normal.... anything more is an *addiction*
  4. It all depends on you, i would think a tote, small evening bag, every day bag, messenger bag would work ideally as staples of every collection. but then you branch out in variations.
  5. You took the words right out of my mouth!!!:lol:
  6. ITA with LV_addict!!

    Seriously though, probably 10 is a reasonable number to cover different purposes and materials - a couple of professional work bags for files/books, an evening bag, a clutch, a beach bag, a shoulder tote, a couple of hand-carried bags in different shapes/colors for shopping and going out during the day, an errands/gym/can get dirty bag, and backpack/messenger style for school.
  7. Now you used the word ideally. That opens a can of worms! Oh Geez. I say I own around 50?! And the number gets higher every week! LOL So ideally I would have MORE purses. But that's MY ideal! LMAO

    And just FYI: They are NOT all designer bags.
  8. Ditto!;)
  9. :confused1: You're asking the wrong people!...we're all purse addicts here, so there is no LIMIT to how many we can own! I'm ashamed to tell you how many I own :shame: ....and I'm not alone, most of us could open a small handbag boutique!:yes:
  10. You are so right!!!:true:
  11. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?
    There is no correct answer to this question. ;) It's one for the ages.
  12. i'd have to agree with all these lovely ladies and say as many as she can afford!! i think it's different for everybody
  13. As many as she can neatly stack on her shelf.........I am building an addition to my house as we speak, specifically for this purpose:shame: .....

    My name is Rose and I am a bag addict
  14. Really just depends what she wants... she probably may not need as many as she has, but a girl can 'want' quite a few :roflmfao:

    Welcome!!!! :flowers:
  15. :shrugs: is there really a answer to this?? Its a age old question. Although, I went to walmart the other day, I walked by this couple that was arguing, apparently, she has 50 purses and he thinks it too much. Thank god I have a awesome bf, cause he said '50 isn't too much.' I was :wtf:. Thats the man I'm gonna marry..... makes me :yahoo: