How many purses do you take with you on a holiday?

  1. When you go out on a Holiday (Vacation, Cruise, Out of Town) or when you go to your parent's place for a weekend or for a week, how many handbags do you usually take with you? For Lux handbag owners, do you usually carry the boxes and the dustbags? Also, What are these handbags? And why?
  2. I take one day bag and one night bag usually.

    For the last few years large Chloe Paddington goes on all trips. Day bag is the Chloe Edith. Night bag is a vintage Christian Dior. I do take the dust bags but not the boxes.
  3. Unless there's an event involved (wedding, etc.) I just bring 1 bag besides the carry-on bag for the plane. No dust cover because it's usually my everday bag of the moment. A few times, I haven't packed a bag and just used what I carried on the plane. Now here's the interesting thing: whenever I pack a handbag, my suitcase ALWAYS has the tag that it was searched and the few times that I didn't pack a handbag, suitcase was not searched. Is that your experience too?
  4. One bag, no dustcovers, because I usually carry the purse onto the plane.
  5. I would say one but My current dilemma for my next trip is: do i bring a bag or buy a new bag on vacation....If I bring one, what to do if it rains. If i bring one and buy one i have two bags to worry about......

    ok, i'm not helping your situation.

    Definately no boxes, no dustbags as I plan to use the bag i bring with me......No need to bring so much on vacation. There is a 50lbs limit on luggages for air travels. I have a need to shop when I go on vacation.
  6. 2! one larger one, like my large coach tote, and one smaller one that is a bit cuter for evenings and what not... but will fit in the tote if need be ;)
  7. I hate to say that on my trip to FL coming up, I am planning on bringing like 6! LOL. Carrying my Petit Noe on the plane (Panda Pochette inside), and then a large Coach tote in my carry-on as well as a cross bady bag of some sort an evening bag (black Coach clutch), as well as my Damier Azur Pochette. I can't decide. Thank goodness I will be staying with friends and not at a hotel.
  8. My solution to this dilema is to bring one large and one small Longchamp fold-able bag. I am still learning the names but I think they are called Le Pliage or something like that. They are cute and stylish and most of all portable. Just fold them up on the way there. The small one can be used everyday on holiday. The large one can be kept on standby. Then on the way back unfold the large one and put your new purchases inside. :graucho: :yes:
  9. I'm so anal about everything matching so I take one bag to match each outfit I am bringing- if one bag matches a couple outfits, thats great, but if not, I bring what matches- same with shoes. And yes, I bring all the dustbags and tissue
  10. I used to take an evening and a day bag.Lately,I just take one.I always take a sleeper bag with me if i take two bags.My last trip I took my Prada Antik Cervo Satchel and the trip before, my black Jimmy Choo Mahala.They worked well with everything!
  11. Yet another excuse to spend more, eh?
    I don't own any longchaps yet....:nuts:

  12. Me too! I have to lay everything out beforehand to make sure that it all matches. I always take the dust covers too. I don't use tissue; I have another trick: to make sure that my bags don't lose their shape/get squashed, I fill them with little objects such as underwear or pantyhose. It sounds weird, but it works and keeps all that stuff together. Try it! :yes:
  13. I take 3 bags(1 for day, 1 for night and a large bag).
  14. 2 bags: one for day, 1 for night)
  15. I do the same as Socalgem, by taking at least 3 bags: day, evening and large shopping bag. If I can carry more, I will!