How many ppl here have the Dior Girly Boston Bag??

  1. just to see.........

    I have one.....but not for long??
  2. I do! Still sparkly new too :sad:
  3. Me, use it a lot. Taking a break right now.
  4. I do, hardly use it, too scared to ruin it lol!
  5. It's had its days... resting in my closet now
  6. Have one but never used it. Too white and unprotected to use. :p
  7. I dont, but I sure think they are cute!
  8. I got one but in reporter style and it looks old now. I used it less than 10 times but lot of tears...Huh. Now keep it and never think to use it again.
  9. not me, i like them but it's too stressful for me to to handle just worrying about the white yellowing or getting it stained. as it is, i have a similar design for the dior malice watch i have and the white is definitely not as pristine.
  10. hmm i never had any problems with mine. :shrugs: mine is still as nice as when i bought it.
  11. Lucky!

    I think it may depend on the climate...the warmer and more humid it is (as well as sunlight), the more the bag yellows(?)
  12. maybe...i am i ct.
  13. I have one! I've used it a couple of times, not a whole lot but it has been used a good amount, I think. It's hard to keep all my bags in circulation, but I do try my best.


  14. oh em gee! loves it michelle!
  15. I have one and have carried it a few times... might have to break it out again in the spring and summer, it's a very cute, girly bag (the name definitely fits haha)! :smile: