How many pounds equal a jean size?

  1. Okay. Not exactly sure if I worded that right LOL.

    What I mean is how many pounds lost equals a jean/pant/dress size lost?

    Or does it just vary from person to person?
  2. i always thought it was about 10lbs. [??]

    i could be off & i'm sure it varies from person to person. but i've heard it is about 10 lbs.

    .. hope i helped.

    anyone that could confirm that?! :smile:
  3. I think it's completely person to person... 10 pounds on a 5'10 person could only be one size... but 10 pounds on someone only 5 feet tall could be 3 sizes. And everyone loses and gains in different places. So I wouldn't say there is actually a number of pounds that equals a jean size.
  4. I'm curious too. I imagine that it's not a level amount for each size, more like a ratio or percentage.
  5. hmmm.. i've noticed that every +/-5lbs = +/-1" on my tummy..
  6. It varies from person to person depending one height/weight I believe. I'm about 5'1 and I can confirm that 5lbs is just barely a pants size for me.
  7. It really varies. I've lost 25 pounds and dropped from a size 14 to a size 8.
  8. For me, i have lost 55 pounds and only gone down 4 sizes in my jeans:push: I could possibly go down 1 more in my legs/butt/hip area, but I would have a muffin top:yucky:
  9. I don't think it's pounds more like inches lost that make a difference in sizes. Example if u go to the gym & are weight training you're losing fat but gaining muscle & muscle weights more than fat so you're getting leaner but on a scale it might appear as if u gained weight. I know it's confusing! I never weigh myself just go by how my clothes fit to see if I lost or gained. Also your body type makes all the difference.
  10. I lost 3lbs and dropped a size. But then I'm only 5'0 and weigh 102.
  11. I'm 5'7" and maybe 5'8".
    I'm a size 6/8 (depends on the clothing and who makes it) and I would love to drop down to a 2/4.
    Anyone have a clue on how many pounds that would be around?
  12. I'm 5'4 and went from 168lbs size 12 to 134lbs size 8 and some size 6's depending on designer.
  13. I dropped 35 lbs in about 6 months (summer/fall 2003) and went from a 14 to a 6. I'm 5'4". So, i guess that would be about 9-10 lbs per size, at least in my case?
  14. It really fluctuates a lot. We all know that muscle weighs more than fat, so you could technically be burning fat and building muscle but still be losing pant sizes (while maintaining weight).

    It really depends. I noticed that for me, just about 5 pounds = one pant size, but I'm only 5'2-5'3".
  15. Also, besides height is body build. At my SKINNIEST and I would have to be WAY skinny, I would be a size 12. For me, 20-25 lbs equals a size. I currently weigh WAY too much and wear a size 20, when I was 30 lbs lighter I wore an 18 and I needed to be like 50 lbs lighter to wear a 16.

    Doctors IDEAL weight for me is 160-165 lbs and I'm 5'6" tall and that weight would make my VERY lean. I got to around 185 a few years ago and my MIL who always thinks I'm too fat actually said I didn't need to lose any more and she was SHOCKED at how much I weighed. She weighed 170 and felt HUGE and wore the same size as me at the time a size 14 and while I was mostly lean and muscular (aerobics daily and running 3 miles a couple times a week) - just had 20 lbs to go... She looked chubby and she's 5'7", but her ideal weight is about 130. So, 20 lbs overweight versus 40 lbs overweight just because of our frame differences.

    Of course, I would KILL to be at 185 now... but I'm starting, that's what counts, right?