How many posts is too many?

  1. I joined this website a week ago and I now have 400 posts. My husband says it's time to "step away from the computer."

    I know it's not a contest but my husband wants to know whats the most posts ever made in a week...surely it has to be more that 400.

    Sorry girls...please humor me. You know how husbands (even the good ones) can be...

    ha ha
  2. I've seen people with about 10 thousand posts here. I can't imagine how they managed. I've been here for many months and still have about a hundred, but I've promised myself I'm going to be more active!
  3. well, i am a member since 2005 but began posting in 06. i think it's called addiction, lol. :lol:

    ps. i think this should be in general discussion.
  4. ^^ Agree, great thread though!
  5. Ha Ha. I think most of our hubbys have said that to us at one time or another! If you're having a great time on tPF, then I don't see what the big deal is. ;)
  6. There's so much going on here, how can you not post? =P
  7. That's a lot! That's the whole point of this forum though, right? It's for the obsessed! If I had more time, I would be posting a lot more.
  8. :yes:Yes....the question got me thinking about the amount of posting I might do, but I never felt that I should post an answer to a question, or ask a question, just to rack up posts. But the key is, "it's for the obsessed", all right!! :wlae:
  9. I don't think you can have too many's funny, though- I have been a member for a full year and don't even have 250 posts. I read here A LOT (am pretty obsessed too-hah :smile:, but don't post often...guess we are all just different:okay:
  10. its nobodys fault! there are just too many fab discussions and gorgeous bags to comment on!

    Its rude not to respond lol :biggrin:
  11. I think Swanky Mama of Three has the most posts. I think she's at 16,000 or something and she joined after me! Its not a matter of "too many" posts. Some just have a lot to say! :yes:

    Go Swanky!!! :happydance:
  12. the post count doesnt mean much, somepeople just post more than others. Im sure there are some people here who lurk and have racked up more TPF hours than the people with 5,000 posts.
  13. I go through spells. Sometimes I'll post a lot, some time lurk. Depends on the mood I'm in and if I feel I have something to contribute to a thread. Post count doesn't mean anything really.
  14. wow, you are dedicated! I spend about 2 hours a day here for the last year and I only have like 260. I guess I just love reading the posts!
  15. I have the forum always open in work and minimised I sneak a peek when I can, I definately spend more time lurking than posting.