How many posts for a day?

  1. Approximately, how many posts do you make in one day?
  2. I started with 50s.. Then, increased to a hundred.. And now I can't stop.. I'm 150 a day.. :nuts:
  3. Sounds about right for me! It's addictive, isn't it?;)
  4. I dunno...I am not online much since we don't have the internet at home yet (they wont cancel our contract at our old place or transfer it!!)...But I would say around 30 or 40??
  5. I think I may do about 30 a day. I think I read more than I post.
    This post will be my #1,000! ;)
  6. Congrats on 1,000. :smile: I think I am about 20/day.
  7. My profile says I average 2.21 posts a day. That sounds about right, most days I do about 5-6 but then there are some days when I don't use my pc at all.
  8. my profile says 7.8 which sounds about right. i'm on here most days, but i don't always have much to say. it used to be around 15, but i've had other things going on lately.
  9. my profile says 7.02 but I read alot more than I post!!
  10. totally depends. sometimes i'm online the whole day and sometimes just every other day. but it sure is addictive. :yes:
  11. I've no idea
  12. lately, i've been reading more than posting... but i don't usually post more than 10-15 times per day, usually less. currently, my average is about 8 per day. i log in just about every day, though
  13. My profile says 1.,7 a day, sometimes I post 7 to 10 times a day (24 hours), sometimes I don'tpost at all but I usually log on everyday and read a number of can anyone post 19,20 50,100 posts a day on an average I don't know.......I just don't have the time!!!!!!:heart: H
  14. You're absolutely right-it takes time to post that often!