How many piercings ...

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  1. Do you ladies have?

    Just curious, since I found getting piercings to be very cathartic. Currently I have two on my right ear and three on my left ear. I'm thinking of getting one more on the left (at the top) and one more on the right next year or so.

    After that ... I am out of ideas. My SO doesn't like it, he said it makes me appear "unstable" :confused1: and that my ears are going to start looking like swiss cheese... To me, it's just my little way of rebelling (I'm a late bloomer).
  2. piercings can definitely be addicting. at one point during college, i had a total of 8: 4 in my left ear, 2 in the right, my belly and tongue. now i'm down to 5 :smile:
  3. i have four total
    1 in my left ear, 2 in my right, and I have my nose pierced
  4. Hmm lets see... 3 times in each lobe, 1 cartilege, 1 tragus, navel, and nose :smile: So.. 7?!
  5. Just double pierced ears and 1 cartilage piercing.... not planning on anything else!
  6. i have my ears pierced... on hole per ear. i've considered getting more piercings in my ears, just never got around to doing so. perhaps this is TMI, but i also got my left nipple pierced two years ago. it was a spur of the moment thing... when i told my friends, they were really surprised since it doesn't seem "characteristic" of me.

    but that's it! no more for awhile.
  7. 4 : 2 in my ears normal place, 1 in my right ear high in cartilage, 1 in belly button.
    No more, my rebellious years have gone ! but I am happy to keep those !
  8. I have 10 in my left ear and 8 in my right, plus I also have my septum pierced and my tongue pierced.
  9. Hmm... at one point I had a total of 5 piercings in my left ear, 3 on the right - but closed a few. I've also had my tongue done twice - leaving me currently with two on each ear lobe, one in left top cartalidge (sp?), 1 small diamond stud in right nostrol, tongue ring.
  10. hmm let's see 4 in each ear, tongue and belly button so that makes 10
  11. 5 total - two in each ear and my bellybutton. That's enough for me, I'm not planning anything else.
  12. I have 6. I have 5 on my ears and one on my bellybutton and no more for me.
  13. i used to have three holes in each lobe, two upper cartelidge in my left ear, and my right eyebrow. i've let all but the lowest earlobe piercing close. easier to match earrings that way. i probably won't get anymore. not the look i'm going for.
  14. Just one in each ear. My skin forms scar tissue, so that's it for me.
  15. I used to have 3+2 in my ears, but one of the earrings fell out and the piercing healed so now I'm down to 2 in each ear, plus my belly.