How many pieces of sushi do you eat?

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  1. Normally I eat 12, a Kobe, as it's called on my fav. sushi place but today I was hungry so I orderd 20..But I got so stuffed I had to leave 4 :sad:

    How many pieces do you eat?

    Here is a pic of my yummy dinner! Added the soysauce later ;)
    Bild 466.jpg
  2. I'm sorry, I don't count. :biggrin: I just eat until I'm stuffed. Hehe :yes:
  3. I think I always just eat 6 of the California roll (not very adventurous), but I will order something else as well. My favorite on a cold day, sushi and udon :happydance:
  4. Between 6-8 pieces....I LOVE sushi!
  5. Bay-- that looks sooooooooo good!

    I don't usually count either. It's hard to tell how many I eat, because I usually share some of mine, but then pick at everyone else's... I'm always the one who's like "Hey, you gonna eat that? Pass it down! :nuts:"...
  6. ah! you are making me crave sushi. looks yummy. sushi is something i can eat every week and not get sick of. the amount of pieces i can eat really depends on the amount of rice that the sushi sits on top of. smaller the rice, the more i can eat. but it is usually around the 12 pieces range.
  7. About 6-8.
  8. That looks yummy! I don't always get sushi of equal sizes or types. A lot of times I eat sushi from Whole Foods because it's quick and easy. I'll often eat a rainbow roll which is like 8 pieces and then a big piece of sashimi.
  9. Yum, your dinner looks delicious! I usually eat about 10-12 pieces when we go to our favorite sushi place. A couple of nights a week, they have a sushi "buffet." It's not really a buffet; they bring it around to you, but it's all you can eat. You also get a spicy tuna appetizer, cucumber salad, miso soup, and a "poupou" platter. So I really pig out and eat my share of the other stuff, plus almost a dozen pieces of sushi. I love that stuff! My hubby can eat around 24 pieces. One time my son asked the guy that was bringing the tray around what was the most sushi he ever ate at one time and the guy said 50 pieces!:wtf:My son wanted to challenge him, but I think my son *only* got up to around 36 pieces and had to stop.
  10. usually like 10-12. depends on how big the roll is. the bigger rolls, just 6-8
  11. MMMMmmmmmm....suuuushiiiiii!!!!!

    About 6-8 pieces! :upsidedown:
  12. I only tried sushi just recently, so I cannot tell you, but I have a question; what is that to the bottom right in the picture? I just can't figure out what it is, and it tastes so... odd :p someone please fill me in.
  13. ^^Do you mean the ginger?

    I don't eat sushi, I eat sashimi (no rice). I have never counted but I know I can eat a lot of all different kinds.
  14. OMG loll I ordered sushi once and chickened out as soon as they gave it to me. I wish I liked it because it looks so yummy, but as soon as I smell it I feel like throwing up.
  15. 6-8 pieces but I usually eat my sushi in rolls not as sashimi.