How many pieces of jewelry do you own?

  1. Count it up if you dare... LOL. :wtf:

    I have...

    5 watches

    9 rings, including engagement/wedding

    12 bracelets

    47 necklaces

    65 pairs of earrings!

    Kind of crazy, but I love jewelry :love: and most of it was gifts really; I never bought myself any jewelry until this past year or so! :shrugs:
  2. A woman just bought two watches from me and said that she has over 50 watches!!! I thought it was great. I have a few, but nowhere near that many.

    I have quite a few pairs of earrings that I wear...not 65 though. :smile: I do have more than 100 that are available for sale! hee hee but I don't have them all posted.

    I'm guessing I have around 20 necklaces, 15-20 bracelets, and three or four watches.
  3. Are we speaking real jewels or fun jewelry, as well???? Real jewelry, not so...much...maybe 10 rings, 4 necklaces, and a couple of bracelets. Fun jewelry...I have a bunch of. But no watches...I don't wear one!
  4. Wow...65 pais of earrings! The only jewelry I wear are earrings and I own 8 pairs.
  5. I'm definitely including fun jewelry! :yes:
  6. I used to own A LOT more in my 20s and early 30s, but then I decided to get rid of much of the "fun" jewelry and stuff I wasn't wearing, and I kept the better pieces.

    Now I have about 20 pieces of David Yurman that I wear constantly. (I probably have about 20-30 other assorted pieces of Penny Preville, Tiffany, John Hardy, Lois Hill, Konstantino Treasures, my Michele watch.)
  7. I'm wildly jealous that you own 20 pieces of David Yurman! I love his stuff... but definitely do not have the means to accumulate that much of it yet. I'm also only 26 though. :smile:

    I did clean out a lot of "fun" jewelry that was really cheap looking that I wore in college... but I still have my slightly better "fun" jewelry. I have a lot of really cool Monet stuff that I got for free because my mom works with someone who sells it! :yahoo:
  8. Don't worry girlfriend, you'll get there! I've got a few years on you. (Just turned 40 ***gasp*** :sad: ) I started out when I was younger with costume/fun jewelry, then I was really into Tiffany sterling for a while, then I moved on from there...Happy collecting!!! I've read about women who have something like 40, 50, 60 pieces of Yurman!
  9. Wow.. I didn't realize how much I had until I counted it!

    Necklaces: 74
    Bracelets: 71
    Earrings: 69
    Rings: 16
    Watches: 6
  10. for fine jewelry, i have 3 rings, 2 earrings, 5 necklaces, 1 watch.
    for costume jewelry, i have 1 ring and way too many earrings/necklaces to count, 1 watch.