How many pieces of clothing in your wardrobe?

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  1. Not including footwear or accessories or underwear, how many garments (eg tops, knitwear, bottoms, jeans, dresses, coats, jackets etc) do you have??

    From the shopaholics on this Forum I bet some of you have hundreds of pieces!!!

    I used to have over 200, but I lost a lot of weight due to being seriously ill and now, even with my wish list for the next seasons shopping added in I only have 50 pieces!

    At least everything fits into my closet, which is great because my mum is a shopaholic and has overflowed from her wall to wall wardrobes of her own and filled up the other closet in my bedroom completely!!!

    I bet if some of you shoppers did a stocktake you'd be surprised at how many pieces you've collected up!
  2. Wow--I just counted and have exactly 50 pieces!

    I do have a denim shirt on order. When it comes, if I decide to keep it, I will get rid of something. 50 is such a nice round number.
  3. My gosh, I never even thought of counting. I am afraid to :shame:
  4. That's exactly how I feel!!!

    And if something wears out I replace it.

    I'm so pleased to have found a friend who thinks like me!!!

  5. Why - do you have two hundred million pieces - lol :P
  6. I just read your article on wardrobe purging - I did that 2 years ago but now I'm down to a nice round number I'll only get rid of things that are worn out - its hard letting go of old friends!!!:smile:
  7. Here you go!

    2 blazers
    2 sweaters
    2 pairs of jeans
    4 t-shirts
    3 skirts
    7 dresses
    5 blouses and top
    2 coats
    1 jacket

    28 items
    We couldn't list accessories, which make my outfits, and I own a lot of that. I have 4 pairs of stockings.
  8. Around 800!
  9. Wow, that might even beat me, though it would be close :roflmfao:. I would not even think about counting at this point. I have enough close that I had to have a closet built :P.

  10. Omg I'm so jealous!!!

    50 is a nice round number, but it does mean I wear my favourite things out and have to replace them.

    Do you think anybody has one thousand pieces???:smile:
  11. In my 20s I was very minimalist and had a similar number - when I hit my thirties my wardrobe went crazy but I don't think my mum could keep up with the washing if I narrowed it down that far...

    And there are always new things that I want...
  12. That is impressive discipline! It looks like you have all seasons covered in there, too. Nice. :cool:
  13. I am sure there are ladies here that do. I know I have at least 50 DVF dresses alone. My closet is 202 sq. ft. and it is now overflowing. I am going to need to start going through my clothes and get rid of the things I am not going to wear. While 50 items wouldn't work for me I know that I have too much and need to get back to a manageable amount.
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    At least 150-200 and that doesn't even seem like very much to me.:shame:

    EDIT: i just went to look in my closet, i think i was grossly underestimating my number of pieces LOL. I counted 50 summer dresses alone and that's not even half my summer wardrobe. My winter wardrobe is double my summer one(since we have long winters where i live) so i would say i have at least 300. You don't realize how much you really have until you actually go and count.
  15. Me either ;)