How Many Pieces In Your Collection So Far?

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  1. I am on a permament ban.....I have perfected my bag collection and will not be adding another one untill one needs replacement...

    So was many pieces do you ladies have? I do feel that for me 11 is more than enough and I am very happy with this about you gals? I know that more is merrier but there is a :sweatdrop:
  2. i actually.. just did an "inventory" like count earlier this evening.. and i'm counting everything that will soon be in my possession within the next 30-45 days.. and it's about 9-10 pieces. i say 9-10 because there may be one thing that i might not get instead. i'm stopping soon and putting myself on a ban as I will be saving for a car instead. that should be enough LV (daily bags/accessories and luggage) until I'm 30 (currently 22)... so i will be on an 8 year ban after i get my final piece which should be the amazone or excursion.
  3. Haha frozen, that's very ambitious of you! I am 22 as well and the longest ban I could even fathom for myself is 8 MONTHS. LV is just too good at creating new lines that make you fall in love. But if you can really be that strong you're my role model!
  4. Including accessories, I have 5.
  5. lol i know 8 years is a long time. it may be less.. like 5 years. i just *HATE* my car so much that i really NEED a new (new or used) one to replace it.. after all, we should love everything we have.. otherwise, why have it at all? just like LV.. if i were to hate a piece, i'd sell it asap and get something else that i love instead. :smile: cars are however.. a bit more expensive. lol. so i need to save up after i get my final piece so that i can put like 75-80% down and after the car is paid off.. then of course back to LV I go! haha.
  6. I think I am in the 40's.
  7. I think I'm in my 20's :sweatdrop:

    This is going from 0 three weeks ago:sweatdrop:
  8. OMG that's crazy!!

    I have 6 i should say, 2 already here, 2 one their way, 2 going to pay tomorrow!!
  9. 10 bags, 11 as of tomorrow. 6 accessories.
  10. :wtf: :nuts:
  11. took me 3 thats one for the record book!!!!!!:yes:
  12. I am around 20-ish...I think around 15 bags and the rest are accessories. I'm not done...I don't think I have a magic number...but I think I'll just know when I feel full and content.
  13. Around 15 I think and counting, plus 3 luggage pieces and a couple of accessories.
  14. I have 4, i want to have 4 more and three accesories
  15. I used to be around 10 (and I say that because I will share, sometimes)...and then I dropped down to 5. I never had a big collection to begin with...then again, I do buy other bags for my mom so that cuts it down big time. I still want a ton of other stuff, though! But I think 5 will be my magic number (at least, for now).
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