How many PF ladies buy matching wallets for their Birkins/Kellys?

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  1. So I am still bleeding from my unexpected purchase :shame: But I was thinking of what I should invest my money in next.. not too sure when that will be though lolz :sweatdrop:

    What did you ladies do after your first Kelly/Birkin? A matching wallet for them? Or save the money aside for another Kelly/Birkin to accompany the new purchase? :P

    Share your experiences please! :cutesy:
  2. Well, my current wallet was working for me, so my mind was set on the next bag.
  3. I bought a couple of matching items for my birkin, but ended up not using them because they weren't practical.
  4. I went from getting a Birkin to saving up for a Kelly. Now I have been amasing accesories like scarves, shawls, bracelets, etc. I am thinking about a wallet next but may just want another Birkin and or Kelly.
  5. ALthough I don't yet have a kelly or birkin (still dreaming of the day) I did get an Evelyne. I am a traditional girl at heart and I LOVE the look of a coordinating wallet...not necessarily matching. I like to mix and match leathers and colors. Maybe a wallet in a different color and leather to add color and texture to your bag.
  6. I don't have a Birkin/Kelly yet either. I bought orange accessories to complement the Blue Jean of my Evelyne (Ulysee, Goyard card case, LV perfo cles in orange).
  7. Mine are not matching but they are tonal.....I have a rouge H Box Bern, Noisette Chevre Globetrotter and Gold Chevre Karo. And they all seem to work fine in all my neutral color bags! I love it!!!!!
  8. In the space of a couple of days bought a kelly and (probably on the 'high' of that kelly, then picked up) a rose shocking bearn and an etoupe / rose shocking agenda, and have since added to that a rose shocking karo. The accessories don't match any of my bags, but I like the fact that they match each other quite nicely (I don't have anything against the matchy-matchiness of it all). They work well together as a set in whatever bag I'm carrying.
  9. Mine do not match exact color per-say, but I bought several hermes wallets to go with the tones with the different bags. I do not like mixing designers. when using is all hermes, on rare occasions if I were to use Chanel, I would use a Chanel wallet...
  10. Yep, me too, Ava. I use a small lambskin Chanel wallet inside my Re-issue. Otherwise, it's all Hermes inside my bags..........

  11. Did I even mention how much I DROOL over these accessories, Gina?????? Omg, they are so beautiful! I never see these colors in SF.....very, very, very rarely.
  12. None of my accessories are the same color as my bags--that was a deliberate choice. I didn't get into the accessories until several bags later.
  13. Really, D? That's interesting. I'd have thought sunny California would be the perfect place for rose shocking. :smile:

    I think there was once a rose shocking chevre plume or bolide at SF, but maybe that was only for a blip and then someone snapped it up!
  14. ^gina, your accessories sound gorgeous:heart: .....I would love a rose shocking bearn!

    I also have accessories that contrast a bit with my bags. I have a violet bearn and an orange karo.
  15. brighton blue chevre wallet is still in the is one of my Christmas will be joining my black birkin on 12/25... Also have a black globetrotter...will see what LV brings...