How many perfumes do you have?

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  1. I have about 20.
  2. Scary but I have over 400 bottles in my collection (including backups)... I'm on Fragrantica under the same username :angel:
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  3. Goodness. Full bottles?
    Noone I know can beat my friend who owns over 600 full bottles (including crazy expensive collectibles like $10k Guerlains etc) and has a special room for her perfumes. And my husbands thinks that my 100 bottles are too many :smile:
  4. Lilian: I understand you...I have the same number :biggrin: :biggrin:...and 250 mignons and 1.500 samples (estimate, I am not able to rate them)

    Do you colect niche or mainstream?
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  5. No. ONE hundred is definitely not so much..... :biggrin:
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  6. Is it a challenge? :smile:
  7. Nonono, I believe you can do it! :biggrin: But life is about breaking the limits...say hallo to your dear husband. :smile:
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  8. Oh, he just bought me a new limited edition Dior so I will have to do more than just say hallo...
  9. :biggrin: Good luck!
    Which one Dior? And your impression?
  10. Hi!

    Currently it's about 14 in rotation and 6 as spares/replacements. So about 20 in total.

    Kind regards,
  11. Oh, the very limited edition by Mark Quinn. Haven't seen it in person yet, just paid. They are not even putting them on display :smile:
  12. I have about 20-30 perfumes, some of them I bought myself, some of them were gifts..I love my collection, and I am still completing it.. :smile:
  13. My current perfume collection


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  14. Please, Berdoues is new one?
  15. I have 3 (plus a body mist, if that counts). :smile:
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