How many perfumes do you have?

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  1. I have two , one was gifted by my lovely sister, a little Chloe travel size perfume. Another one is Crabtree and Evelyn evening rose perfume. I love it.

    I am a weirdo I love wearing perfume once in a while to sleep.
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  2. I have 5 full bottles and a drawer full of samples. I will try not to buy more until I use up most of my 5 full bottles.

    And you're not a weirdo TheMrsKwok. I love wearing perfume to sleep. It calms me!
  3. 2. Agent provocateur and another I was gifted for Xmas. The name escapes me.
  4. i have about 200 bottles, 2/3 of them are 100ml, 50+ are 50ml or 30 ml. i just like perfume~~~~
  5. I have 29 bottles and I feel very guilty about yet satisfied by them. :P
  6. I seriously have about 30 bottles in my dresser now. And I swear to you I only purchased about 2 of them. The rest are gifts!!! Many people give me perfume for various ocassions and I would be too embarrassed to regift so I use them all. Sometimes I use them as air fresheners in the car and rooms (yes even the Chanel ones!) because I just want them to finish already so I can buy what I REALLY want haha.
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  7. I hate when people give me perfumes. Unless these are from close friends who know my taste and what my next obsession is going to be. All my 100+ bottles were bought by myself. And even some of those I am using as room fresheners - these are blind buys and mass market like modern Opium or No5 which I bought out of good memories and which proved to be just a disappointment
  8. I only have 2. I have worn Chanel #5 almost exclusively since I was 16 and my mother gave me a bottle. Since I am in my late 50's that shows how much I love the scent. The other is a bottle of Jimmy Choo I bought on a whim but it is really too strong so there it sits ��
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  9. :smile:
    [GALLERY=media, 1295]perfume shelf by Lajka posted Nov 27, 2016 at 1:18 PM[/GALLERY]
  10. Beautiful collection. I have a large one too, but am TRYING to cut back.
  11. I cannot see! Can you please post again?
  12. I am TRYING too...... ;) :biggrin:
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  13. Dear, if you have problém with displaying, could you see it in my personal gallery. :smile:
  14. Too many as I have duplicates that I purchase when I travel to have back stock..
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  15. Same thing here. Also, I have at least 20 unopened bottles. I just cannot miss collectibles and limited editions! Especially Guerlains, although I know they are all pretty much the same concoction :smile: