How many perfumes do you have?

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  1. I have 30 and I think it's too many. I have a few I am thinking about giving away just because I don't use them and I would feel better have 25 instead of 30.
  2. I own just over 100, including about 20 vintages. Restricted myself to the only-if-I-really-really-really-love-it and limited editions policy now
  3. OMG for how many people own!! I have 6! That is a lot for me as most overpower me and make me feel nauseous
  4. i only have and i think that is too many!
  5. I have 10 (2 of which I use as room/air fresheners because I don't enjoy the scents :P), which feels like too many.
  6. I only ever have one at a time! I feel like I don't belong here:P I used to own maybe three at most, but now I just stick to one.
  7. Hmm...maybe about four full-size bottles, a dozen coffrets, fifty or so other purse-size sprays, and a drawer of samples.
  8. I just have one favorite, and of that perfume I have about 5-6 versions (different sizes for travel, etc.)
  9. +1..ur not the only one. I can only have one at a time only bc of my OCD and dont like clutter
  10. I currently have six different ones but only wear one or two of them daily.
  11. I have eight different perfumes. Half of them are spring/summer fragrances and half are fall/winter ones. I feel like eight is too many; I would rather just have one "signature" scent. However, I have had a hard time finding just one that fits every season and occasion! I'll probably get rid of a few because I'm obsessive-compulsive about organization and having too much of anything starts to feel overwhelming!
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  12. I have 3 full size bottles, but two of those were gifted. The rest are gifted minis & samples.
    I really hate clutter too, can't imagine owning 100... I wouldn't be able to go through that many in a lifetime.
  13. I have around 70 now and would like to downsize. The majority never gets worn, but then again I want to have them for one of these days per year that I do want to smell them lol
  14. I did always feel that way, but over the last two years, I have sold or given away many of my fragrances.

    Niche fragrances sell well on eBay.
  15. Thanks for your input, I might do that as well at some point.