How many perfumes do you have?

  1. i have 24 perfumes.. so they last me a long ass time since i have so many, and rotate.
  2. I only have 4:
    Gucci Eau de Parfum II
    Gucci Envy Me
    Chloe Eau de Parfum and
    those Vera Wang perfume pens :smile:
  3. i have :
    D&G,,The one,,
    D&G,,Rose the one,,
    Chloe ,, eau de perfume,,
    Armani ,,she,,
    Gucci ,,envy me,,
    DIOR,,dior addict 2,,
    .i love them all i just using one at the time depends on my mood..
  4. oh and my new one D&G ,,Rose the one...i love it..
  5. I have 5 full size: D & G light blue, hanae more, a perfume from france (a gift), daisy marc jacobs and an escada one.

    I also have .33 ounce ($30 size) of harujuku lovers in love, a juicy couture rollerball , and a viva la juicy roller ball. Lastly, I have about 50 or so sample size vials of different fragrances. I love to collect those.

    I think next time I get a perfume it will be miss dior cherie, love that one.
  6. I only have three:

    Chanel Chance
    J'Adore Dior (my absolute favorite)
    French Connection for her
  7. NONE:blush:. I am quite sensitive to many strong perfume smells. (I also spend way too much on makeup and clothes so that could be part of the reason I haven't tried to find a perfect fragrance yet!
  8. I have about 15 atm. I rotate them depending on my mood any given day. I got both of the Sephora fragrance samplers during Friends & Family so at least two more will be getting added to my collection within the next few months.
  9. I had around 700+ FB some three years ago..not including backups and countless of decants.....thanks to MUA! I realised I could never use them even through everyday use ;)

    So I gave away a lot of them ; now I'm down to around 450 FB..still a bit too many. I would like to reach around 300 totally incl. decants..this is for me a suitable amount, because I rotate them according to the seasons..this would be perfect!
    I've also got into vintage pure perfumes and eau de colognes, which are wonderful to use, whenever I need a treat!

    I store them in their boxes and in dark, cool closets..and they'll last almost forever.
  10. ladies have a lot of perfumes!!

    For those of you who use more than one at a Some on the body, some in the hair..and what? Doesnt it smell weird mixing it all together? Not trying to offend anyone! I am just curious. I don't mean to sound mean.
  11. I have about 5 perfume. They last me forever because sometimes I forget to use it when I am running late to work.
  12. i only have two at the moment, i'm more into body sprays.

    i've got:
    juicy couture
    juicy couture viva la juicy

    for christmas i'd love to have versace bright crystal.
  13. Until recently, I had about 20 bottles of different things. I gave most of them away, as I really only use a few.

    My favs are:

    Chanel No. 5 Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau Premiere, Body Satin Oil and the Elixir.

    Chanel Coco Madamoiselle Eau de Parfum and Body Satin Oil.

    Versace Bright Crystal

    Versace Signature Fragrance

    Dior Jadore
  14. rotating is the way to go or when you smell the perfume what it mostly reminds you of such as when you would wear it if i made any sense lol thats what i go of off
  15. Some brands are made to layer if you want. Like e.g. Etro or Jo Malone. I wouldn't spray some in my hair and some on my body at all.
    I would layer the one I want to be the "dominant" at first on my wrists, then wait till it's dry..and then put the other one on the top. Of course these scents can be used on their own.

    I personally don't layer so feels a bit too much in general. The only type I don't mind layering is the oil "Earth" by Vinci and Rakos together with another oil by them..this IMO adds a bit muskiness..and it's very "warm", when it's cold outside!