How many perfumes do you have?

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  1. How long do they last you?
    How long do you keep them?
    Do you throw them out after a while even if there's still stuff in the bottle?

    I tend to not buy too many perfumes at once since they smell less after a while of opening..I normally have 2-3, but right now I only have one, from J.Lo. I normally wear J.Lo's, Escadas or RL's fragrances :smile:
  2. I own about 9 perfumes I believe, but never throw them away!
    I'd rather give them to my mother or a friend :smile:
    But that makes them last for a long, long time because I never use one for days/weeks/months ;)
  3. Honestly... I know some of you will be shocked, but, no joke, I have over 50 perfumes. I have an ADDICTION/OBSESSION with good smells. I'm even like that with body gels, and I recently ordered $1,200 worth of Philosophy products for my daughter and I, although I'll be giving the majority of the order away as gifts. Since I live in the Middle East, I know the women here LOVE good smells, so I'm sure the Philosophy will sell well.

    I would list everything but it would take way too long =D If you would like, I'll post some pics of my perfumes! When I get tired of some perfumes, I use them as air fresheners or I give them away to people.

    oh and you should always store them in a dark place, so the smell keeps and doesn't spoil (:
  4. I have over 50 also. I keep them in constant rotation and have a list of re-purchase/neveragain.
  5. I love good smelling stuff including soap bars & candles (Jo Malone). I have 15 perfumes, my latest is from Miller Harris.
  6. for twelve years now I'm using chanel's allure. . . it's kind of my signature scent. I buy a 100ml bottle once a year and have the pocket-version always in my purse and on holidays with me ( I never travel with large bottles of perfume). though I use allure all year I also have a summer scent wich I use occasionally it's Bulgari's eau parfumé extreme té vert and jean paul gaultier's classique war cold days.
    I can't imagine changing my perfumes all the time. . .
  7. I have about 15 - 20. I rotate...I'll go for weeks wearing one and then switch to something else.
  8. 1. Hermes Kelly Caleche;
    2. Legaldiva perfume (a one-of-a-kind scent from the CL ROAK ... Karwood rocks!);
    3. Dolce & Gabbana's "The One";
    4. Clarins Perfumed Satin body oil spray.
    5. Thierry Mulger's Angel.

    I love anything vanilla ... most of the perfumes are slightly similar. I keep a purse atomizer from Sephora filled with Kelly Caleche in my office.
  9. Way too many, probably over 50. As another poster mentioned I have a tendency to also use them as room sprays, and if a friend or someone is over and mentions how she likes one I tend to just give it to her bc I am not really super in love with any of them at the moment. I need to stop buying perfume though, it's like a weird addiction for me, the second a new one comes out I have to smell it and if I even remotely like it I'll buy it.
  10. Wow I feel like I am waay behind in perfume world. I only use one main perfume and that's Ralph Lauren Blue. A 2.5 oz bottle usually lasts me the entire year and I don't notice it become less potent with time but maybe that's just because i've grown used to the smell?
  11. None. They all give me horrible headaches.
  12. I have only 3 at the moment.
  13. Me too..just 2 or 3 at the most..
  14. I couldn't even tell you... I have WAY too many. I have at least 10-12 crowding up my vanity right now and they're driving me nuts because I keep knocking them over! I try to give away the ones I know I won't wear, because I can't bring myself to throw away a full bottle. I basically just keep them until they "turn," which usually takes years!
  15. i have 3, two juicy couture and 1 dior posion
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