How many people would want to see a Kate Spade forum?

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  1. Personally I'd LOVE it - the majority of my bags are KS. I love higher end stuff too but I am a student and Chanel, LV etc are out of reach for now. I feel lucky to have Kate designing bags and accessories I LOVE and feel stylish in and can afford.

    The price ranges are similar to Coach, and while I like Coach too I think KS is a lot more hip and stylish.

    I know some people here dislike it, some for possibly snobbish reasons and some just because they don't like it. That's okay! I can't get excited about Dior or Gucci but TPF is an inclusive venue!

    Could we perhaps have a "trial" of a KS forum and see if people like it and use it?
  2. I'd love that, too! While I aspire to have something really nice like a Chanel or a Balenciaga, I am just getting started out in my career and can't afford them, so I stick to the Kate Spades and Coaches.
  3. I only have one Kate Spade (I sold the other 2), but I like her stuff a lot! She seems to be very underrated, IMO.
  4. Well, since I just xxxxxxxxxxxx this morning, bringing my grand total of KS up to 2, I think it'd be a grand idea!
  5. Vlad and Megs, would you consider this? I think it would be much enjoyed!
  6. I wouldn't mind, but I think there are quite a few people that would want a Kooba forum first! :smile:
  7. There are so many great bags! I just think KS would be great because it is a "starter" brand for so many of us, like Coach (and I don't ever intend to "outgrow" KS!). I don't know the price range on Koobas but I get the idea that they are pricier.
  8. I'd love that, too. :smile: Am a student myself and as much as I'd love to own LVs and Chanels soon, for now, Kate Spade (and Coach) are my "appetizers". :smile:
  9. I was wondering whether anyone would want a Longchamp forum started. In the few days that I have been on the purseblog, it seems that most people are looking for a Kooba forum.

    And yes, Kooba's are in the LV price bracket.
  10. We've been clammering for a Kooba sub-forum for awhile and have a thread going in the Drop Box but so far we haven't heard a thing. Same with the Dooney people. I Don't think it has as much to do with bag cost as it does how many individual posts are put in the general handbag forum about the particular brand. Koobas cost generally 500-700.00. I don't think I've ever seen one over 695....yet.
  11. I adore Kate Spade bags!!!
  12. I'd love that but it depends on the popularity and abundance of the brand too I think. I have like 30 kate spades at least. Yikes!
  13. it really has NOTHING to do w/ pricepoint, but EVERYTHING to do w/ how much conversations there are.
  14. I'd love a KS forum, too. Keep talking about the brand, guys, and we'll be more likely to get a subforum.
  15. I do believe that Koobas warrant their own forum just because of the number of posts created. Kate Spade is lovely, but I don't see too many of them.
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