How many people use ****** for their LV purchases?

  1. I discovered it only a few months ago and I wish I would have known earleir.

    With the money that I will get back from ****** I'll be able to buy something small and not spend much of my own money. Totally worth it to me :yes:
  2. Yup, and register for also. There is a way that has worked for some PFers where you can get rebates from both at the same time.
    I have not tried this yet myself.
  3. me, me :nuts:! i save a ton by using ******, especially since i buy it bulk sometimes :lol:
  4. I've never used it.
  5. I have twice now...discovered it here. Right now, I have a check for close to 50., not to mention the 'no tax' on elux and no shipping! Me loves a bargain!
  6. Question. Does it bother any of you pfers that using ****** that you are allowing them to plant spyware on your computers? TIA
  7. I thought ****** dropped adware? :confused1:

    To answer your q, I use three programs (but those are exe.) that install adware. I know how to strip it.
  8. I use ****** and I love it! I haven't noticed any spyware on the computer.

  9. Huh?:shrugs:
  10. When did they do that, bchleo? It would be nice to know. My dh look up the site recently and said no to me to go through ******. And you know how we all love our LV addictions. TIA bchleo
  11. When? I don't know, I just signed up, and although I've made a purchase on eLux since then, I forgot to use ******. I heard from my girlfriend that they use adware. Right now I'm on my Mac and don't have to worry about that, but on my PC, I used two programs that stripped adware off of any script ran or program d'ld. I would have missed out on two great software progs if I worried about adware.
  12. Thank you, bchleo. I copy and paste these post for my dh to look at. Maybe now I can reassure him it's possible to use ****** and save me money to buy a few more items from eLux instead of saving so long just to buy a few at a time. Thanks again. :flowers:
  13. I've used it!! Love that site!!!
  14. I use ****** often and haven't had adware problems but I use spyware programs for extra protection.You'd be surprized at the checks I've recieved after shopping at eLux,NM,BG etc.It's great if you shop online on a regular basis.
  15. Thanks, Cat!:flowers: