How many people use ebates for their LV purchases?

  1. I discovered it only a few months ago and I wish I would have known earleir.

    With the money that I will get back from ebates I'll be able to buy something small and not spend much of my own money. Totally worth it to me :yes:
  2. Yup, and register for also. There is a way that has worked for some PFers where you can get rebates from both at the same time.
    I have not tried this yet myself.
  3. me, me :nuts:! i save a ton by using ebates, especially since i buy it bulk sometimes :lol:
  4. I've never used it.
  5. I have twice now...discovered it here. Right now, I have a check for close to 50., not to mention the 'no tax' on elux and no shipping! Me loves a bargain!
  6. Question. Does it bother any of you pfers that using ebates that you are allowing them to plant spyware on your computers? TIA
  7. I thought ebates dropped adware? :confused1:

    To answer your q, I use three programs (but those are exe.) that install adware. I know how to strip it.
  8. I use ebates and I love it! I haven't noticed any spyware on the computer.

  9. Huh?:shrugs:
  10. When did they do that, bchleo? It would be nice to know. My dh look up the site recently and said no to me to go through ebates. And you know how we all love our LV addictions. TIA bchleo
  11. When? I don't know, I just signed up, and although I've made a purchase on eLux since then, I forgot to use eBates. I heard from my girlfriend that they use adware. Right now I'm on my Mac and don't have to worry about that, but on my PC, I used two programs that stripped adware off of any script ran or program d'ld. I would have missed out on two great software progs if I worried about adware.
  12. Thank you, bchleo. I copy and paste these post for my dh to look at. Maybe now I can reassure him it's possible to use ebates and save me money to buy a few more items from eLux instead of saving so long just to buy a few at a time. Thanks again. :flowers:
  13. I've used it!! Love that site!!!
  14. I use ebates often and haven't had adware problems but I use spyware programs for extra protection.You'd be surprized at the checks I've recieved after shopping at eLux,NM,BG etc.It's great if you shop online on a regular basis.
  15. Thanks, Cat!:flowers: