How many people on this thread own the popincout haut???

  1. How many people on this thread own the popincourt haut? I just ordered one and I want to know if is very popular? Tell me that you love it for an everyday shoulder bag. Hope that I made the right choice...I prefer bags that close. If is not to popular then it will be less common which is always nice. Thanks and Cheers to LV:yahoo: !
  2. ooh congrats on your new purchase! its a very beautiful bag! i think you made the right choice since it's so pretty! and its definately on my want list!
    after the hype for the new lines die down a bit i will definately buy one!
  3. congrat's, great bag. I dont have one but it would be my choice if i didnt have the piano bag.
  4. I have a Pop Haut and LOVE it. For once, LV got the whole shoulder strap thing right - it is just the right length, even over a coat. And I love the security of the zip top.

    It's popular, but you won't see it "coming and going". Congratulations! :flowers:
  5. I did have one but I sold it. It is a great bag for everyday.
  6. Thank you all...I hope that I love it when it arrives..I think I will.

    LV Rawks...Why did you sell yours??? DO you regret not keeping it? Which bag did you get for everyday instead???
  7. I have the popincourt haut. I loved it when I bought it but didn't love it too much when I used it. I don't know why - maybe it was the shape of it. I "lent" it to my mom who loves it. It's a pretty bag and holds a lot...I just didn't love it.
  8. My first thought when I saw it in the store was "I wish it was bigger!" I love the shape and the way it looks but it just won't fit my stuff.
  9. My sister has it and I use it when I visit her. It's a cute and practical bag, I think I may get one eventually.
  10. I have one and love it. It holds so much and you can stand your things up in it and it is easy to organize. It is very cute on and not too big or too small. You will enjoy it. I like it and the piano. It seems to be a little dressier when needed and the piano is a little less dressy. Enjoy and congrats.:love: