How many people know damier is LV?

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What % of the general public know damier is LV?

  1. Less than 25% Most people have no clue!

  2. About 25% Very few people.

  3. About 50% A good amount of people but not everyone.

  4. 75% or more! Most people know!

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  1. So sometimes depending on where I go, I don't carry my mono to be on the "safer" side. I figure bag snatchers or other criminals would be more likely to notice a LV monogram bag. Instead, I'll carry a plain bag or damier print thinking "Oh, most people probably don't know this checker print is louis vuitton. How realistic is it to think that most people don't know damier is LV?
  2. less than 25%!!
  3. I think the monograms are the most recognized in the world, so *ANY* bag will stand out less.... I think the damier is a little bit more up the road, so to spreak, i don't think many people go for damier for their first... so its more for those who have LVoed for a while? In that sense I guess you'd have to be atleast a little bit into bags to know the damier is LV, and not everyone is... (amazing, i know, but true! ;)
  4. I want to say a lot. Probably in the 50% and 75% range and that is because almost everyone here that carries LV has damier.
  5. I have no idea...but I think it depends on where you are. Depending on the population surrounding you perhaps?
  6. Exactly. First I was like "duhhh. everyone knows." then I thought about it .. if Im not where I preferably am, probably hardly someone is aware! So I picked 25%.
  7. Not many I think only 25% know mono and 3% of the world know Damier. It is really not that important to most people.
  8. Definitely less than 25% where I live................
  9. Wow, never thought about it, but should have. :nuts:

    I believe not too many people know that Damier is LV, I would pick 25%.
  10. Before I knew much about Louis Vuitton, I'd say that I wouldn't have been able to figure out that damier was LV. However, when I became more interested in bags, and more aware in general, then I figured it out. So, I'll go with 25%.
  11. Around 50%
  12. Well I think about 50%....
  13. I love in the land of monogram COACH so...I think only 25% know around here.
  14. I think atleast 50 percent know damier is LV.
  15. I'm from a part of the midwest where it seems coach is most popular. There is a flagship store here in our local mall. I only have damier so far, and I don't feel like my bags attract much attention when I carry them. But, I don't mind this at all. I do recognize the quick glances by the few who must have broadened their horizons a bit. However, I must admit that the tables turn when we travel to nearby Chicago. I'm the one in awe!