How many people here get coldsores/cankersores?

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Do you get canker sores?

  1. Nope!

  2. Yes, once in a LONG while.

  3. Every so often, just one.

  4. Regularly.

  5. Often.

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  1. How many of you out there get those? What are they really? I don't mean to gross people out about me and have everyone on tPF avoid me like the plague (I hope that won't happen. :sweatdrop:) but I get them sometimes. I used the get them once in awhile as a kid. They're very painful and look white inside the mouth. I heard theyre a form of oral herpes, but I even had them when I was little, it wasnt all the time, just once in awhile and I would only get one. Sometiems it just forms, other times if I accidently bite the inside of my mouth and a sore will form there. Or if I accidently jab my gum (while brushing teeth or something) and it bleeds a little, one may form there too. Other times, I think maybe its because I eat a lot of chips and greasy or fried foods.

    But heres the weird part. I don't ever remember getting them in college (or not often enough to remember) but since moving home, I've been getting them much more frequently. I have no idea why. And I get them where ive never gotten them before... close to my lip so that if I am talking... people can see it and its honestly embarassing because people are probably grossed out and think i have some sort of std. I never got them so close the the lip (its still on the inner lip, so if you wear lipstick you would not put lipstick there). I guess its been bothering me and concerning me because its visible now and seeming to come more frequently and in greater numbers. I get like 3 or 4 sometimes and its really gross. :yucky: I really don't know why. I have not shared drinks or kissed anyone new within the last few years. And my diet is much healthier than before. Whats going on? :shrugs:
  2. cold sores are different from canker sores.
    Cold sores are a strain/type of herpes, but it's not an STD.
    They are often hereditary and often caused by stress or sun exposure.
    Once you get one, you tend to be prone to them.
  3. You beat me to it! I was just going to post this. My 12 year old gets canker sores ALL the time. His are so large and painful, dimesize sometimes nickel. Its a sin. Usually brought on from stress.
  4. ^aww! That's sad, they hurt!
  5. i'm fortunate- i don't get cold sores, and i've rarely had a canker. however, when i get a cold, i get a split in my nose/nostril and it really hurts.
  6. First year of college, I had cold sores frequently, I'm guessing its stress. Hadn't had them for a while, until my SO's mother came into town for a week. lol.
  7. I've never had cold sores or any other type, but my husband and daughter used to always get them (the white ones inside the mouth) and complained so much about them. I don't remember where I got the info from, but I was told that they should take Lysine. They started taking it and they've never gotten another sore since. It's been at least 10 years now. It says on the bottle that Lysine is an essential amino acid that promotes the production of collagen and tissue maintenance, as well as healthy skin. Hmm...I wonder if that could be why my daughter never suffered any kind of acne or breakouts??? Her friends were/are always so jealous of her flawless skin! Anyway, it's very inexpensive. I always just get the store brand, like CVS or Publix and it's under $5.00 for 100 caplets. On the bottle it says...Natural L-Lysine 500 mg. It says to take one caplet one or two times daily, preferably with a meal. Husband and daughter take only one a day, and they probably skip maybe 8 days during the month (weekends). My daughter probably skips more since she bought her own home a few months ago...think I'll call her and tell her that maybe that's why her skin is so good. I hope if anybody here tries it, it will work for you!
  8. ^ Thanks I think I'm going to try that a try. I did some reading and I get cankersores, not coldsores. I've been thinking of things that have changed for me since moving home that could account for this and so far, I just have my toothpaste (from the standard aquafresh to aquafresh extra fresh with micro foaming and colgate) and food (from eating out to home cooked so i sometimes have seafood or fish whereas I never ate that stuff before). I read the sodium lauryl sulfate, the foaming agent in toothpastes, can increase the likelihood one will get them but it seems like that ingredient is prettty standard in all toothpastes so I don't know if its too far fetched to think it might be because of my toothpaste.
  9. I get them from time to time. When I was on Yasmin BC I got them all the time and did some searches and found out that other users of the BC got them too. Talked to my dr. back then and there's certain supplements you can take to lessen the chances of getting them...right now the name is not coming to mind but if I do remember I'll post was something with an L.
  10. I used to get canker sores often; as already mentioned, stress and lowered immune system would bring them on. They can be soooo painful. As I've gotten older I rarely get them anymore; can't explain why; stress seems the same but maybe I take better care of myself? I don't know.

    I'm grateful that I have never had a cold sore in my life.
  11. ^I'm on yasmine. :wtf: Maybe thats why? I've been taking it for.... I can't even remember. 2 years? Maybe 3? Definitely more than a year, but I've only been getting cankersores within the last few months so if I assume ive been on BC for a year, I was fine the first year or so.
  12. Oh, that is sooo weird because my first year and a half with Yasmine was great. I then started getting the sores, a lot of headaches and all kinds of bodily pains. They went away when I got off Yasmine (to get pregnant). I did a search and read all kinds of weid side effects people were getting on Yasmin. That was about 4 years ago and I haven't been back on (keep getting pregnant! LOL). Anyway, let me know what you find out!
  13. I always coldsore
  14. I get canker sores all the time but I've never had a cold sore.

    Rinsing with warm salted water helps my canker sores a lot.

    Canker sores are NOT contagious....cold sores ARE.