How many people have you converted into Bbag lovers??

  1. My count: 2

    1) My best friend (She got her first black first after the fell in love with my greige's leather)
    2) My mother - the queen of handbags never owned a Bbag before, but she just placed an order for a Marine city after seeing how versatile my city was!

    Doesn't it just make you feel so GOOD when people recognize the quality, beauty and versatility of bbags???? :yahoo: :drinkup:
  2. I became a Bbag lover after entering this forum....Good for you!!
  3. my bestfriend, even thought she doesn't own one but now she has been LOOKING :biggrin: hehehe... she was the one that wanted to know more about my bag, since she loves the style and how it feels!!!
  4. I've converted 4 people... 3 of them have purchased B-bags, 1 hasn't made her first B-Bag purchase yet.

    My mother and sister love the bags, but can't justify paying that much for a handbag...BUT if I give them one, they will accept it gladly!
  5. I converted 2 peepz so far:

    -My Aunt: After feeling up on my 05 black First, she asked me to find her a preloved 05 black City so I did. Now, she's thinking of her BalNY next purchase. :wlae:
    -My Mom: She just couldn't stop eyeing my rouge vif City and told me that she'll gladly take it off my hand once I "get sick" of it. :p
  6. When I was converted:

    Before this, I saw lots of celebrities with b bags in different magazines but was converted only after seeing lots of modeliing pictures in this forum.

    Who I converted:
    I have converted my cousin when she saw my truffle city. She bought one after two days.
  7. Those I converted into loving and drooling over Bbags... too many to count. But today I got one to put down some serious cash to buy one of her own. So I'd say 1 so far.
  8. My mother. :yes:
  9. I converted 3 people and 2 of them are already looking for their second bag even though they just bought their first:graucho: