How many people have trouble sleeping....

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  1. ...before you go out of town?
    About 2 days before I go on vacation, the anxiety of getting everything in order before I leave, and just the excitement of leaving really takes a toll on my sleeping. I have been up, literally, ALL NIGHT!!

    I laid down for 2 hours, and all I could do was think about all the stuff I needed to get done today(maybe I should get off tPF and do those things..ya think?! lol).

    Anyone else?
  2. Me!!!! I hate it, too! ROFL ;)

    Nothing like starting a vacation being tired out of your mind ;)
  3. me three. Im always paranoid about forgetting something, and then i finally think I got everything and leave and when ive reached my destination and unpacked, I realize I DID forget something.

    And then the excitement. and Oh, I can never fall asleep on a plane which then leads to me being jetlagged as hell!
  4. I can't sleep on a plane either - I try, usually as soon as I start to nod off I wake up & can't sleep. I have a horrible time sleeping b4 a big trip. Thurs morning we are getting picked up at 230am for a 530am flight. I have a feeling it's going to be a long sleepless night.
  5. Yep! This would be me! The last time we went to Europe, starting 2 days before we flew out I was wound tighter than a top! I was on edge thinking about all the stuff that had to get done around the house, packing to finish, dropping our dog of with MIL....I never unwound until we were in the car on the way to Boston, where we flew out of.
  6. I can't sleep on airplanes either. I think this is why I get sick toward the end of a lot of flights too...I'm just overtired, uncomfortable, hungry, etc all at the same time and it's just too much, lol
  7. Oh yes...I love travel so much and am a pretty organized packer so I have RARELY forgotten anything, but when I know I have to get up super early to get to the airport I don't sleep much the night before, wondering if my alarm was set properly.

    I get so turbo-charged about the thrill of getting to my destination that I can usually plow through any tiredness from not sleeping the night before.
  8. Same here! My DH and are are going to bora bora in two weeks and our flight leaves at 11:30 AT NIGHT and we arrive at 5:30 a.m and I wont be able to sleep on the plane or the night before we get on the plane. Were probably going to sleep the first two days of our vacation away!
  9. I have trouble sleeping when I'm on vacation. Often the first one or two nights in hotel bed I toss and turn. I we have a suite, I will move to the living room area and watch TV. If not, I just have to tough it out.
  10. I've never had trouble sleeping, but about a day or two before the flight I always get nightmares. They're always the same, and either involve me running to the gate with two huge wheelie luggage and then finally missing the flight when I get to the gate or me running to check-in. And I always wake up with this sense of "if only I could run faster!" :shame::lol:

    But when I'm onboard, as long as I'm in a window seat, I knock out cold!
  11. Fortunately for me, I don't have such problems. Only the problem of waking up earlier than I hafta cos I'm terrified of missing my flight if it's a morning flight :P

    I can sleep on planes too, not too comfy, but I can get knocked out without too much hassle.
  12. YES! But not because I get worried, it's because I'm just too excited and can't wait to leave!
  13. i do get excited but i can usually manage to sleep just fine, unless i have an early morning flight and i'm nervous about oversleeping. that's only the night before though.

    i do get jetlag though, i just came back to london from LA and it's a killer :cursing: i stayed up for ages last night, had to get up at about 10 and i was a complete zombie, went out and came home around 16 and then i've been half asleep since then, it's 22 now and i'm hungry because i haven't had dinner :noggin:
  14. I have trouble sleeping right before I leave. For some reason though I sleep really well away from home.