how many people have the...

  1. how many people have the pouchette extender...I want one they look soo nice on the pouchette......x-mas list request...
  2. Yeah I have it..they recommended buying it when I got my very first piece, which was the mono pochette. I'm glad I got it, now I need a couple more so I don't have to keep switching it from pochette to pochette..
  3. I have one and I love it, I wouldn't use my pochettes without it... they wouldn't fit over my chubby arms(comfortably). :lol:
  4. I have one too, I think it is so much better with!
  5. I have one too. I think it makes the pochette so much more comfortable to wear. It's nice that it's not right in your armpit!!
  6. i have one, but i use it as a key chain. it really comes in handy! it clips on to the d ring in my purses, on to the stroller, etc. i highly rec. getting one!
  7. I have it and it's great. The price is not too bad. Get it before the price increase...
  8. I have one too! You definitely need it if you have a pochette. The brass is so shiny that it makes the bag looks even better :smile:
  9. I agree that it is an essential especially if you have a pouchette!!!
  10. I have one two and switch between my Perfo Pochette and Navona. It makes each more comfy for me to carry.
  11. I have a few. They're great for pochettes!
  12. Does anyone have a photo of the extender on the pochette?
  13. An excellent buy! Multi-purpose - I keep it on my Monogram Pochette Accessoires all the time but it can also be used as a key chain. Love it! An LV staple IMO!
  14. I am DYING for one... they look so nice on pochettes, one came with a fake cherry blossom that I bought and returned, but it just made me want the extender so bad. It gives the pochette a sophisticated tough girl look... IMO