How many people do you have to buy for this Christmas?

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  1. I have

    My husband
    my brother
    my parents
    my father's wife
    my uncle
    3 people at work
    My MIL, FIL and BIL (husband takes care of this, but I'd like to get them cards or something small just from me also)

    Plus I do stockings for my mom and husband, and my husband and father's wife both have birthdays very close to Christmas so I get separate gifts for those. :wtf:

    I'm sure some of you have a lot more than that though!
  2. *sighs* too many. I don't mind the kiddies, but EVERYONE in DH's family, like come-on, we're grown-ups. I have suggested kris kringle many times, they don't bite. So whatever, it's not my family. I just go out and spend, and if DH doesn't like it, HE can take it up w/ them. Frig.

    And you reminded me about the stockings... damn! I always forget that! Thx.

    AND there are about 5 peopel w/ birthdays w/in days of Christmas. It never ends....

    Fa lalalalalala
  3. I only have a few...

    PICKLES - my yorkie..she's counted
    MONKEY - my pom... he;s counted
  4. ^^^ Oh yes. I forgot my kitty. :biggrin:
  5. hmm..

    lil bro
    cousin and aunt

    ..that's it!
  6. My 3 kids
    Mother in law
    Father in law
    Brother in law
    2 nephews
    I think thats about it.
  7. I live in Sydney on my own at the moment so I literally dont need to buy anything for anyone.
  8. i think i'm only going to buy a gift for my sister and my mom. or actually she left me some money to buy chocolate for her. :biggrin:
  9. Mom
    His mom, brother, sister and her husband (fiance will buy most)
    His grandmothers and grandfather
    Small gifts for my six closest friends at Christmas Girls Lunch
    My boss, his wife
    Three of my closer co-workers who I do Christmas dinner
    Two of my close friend's husbands, normally sports related gifts and small
    My AA and client service rep

    Geez, I hope I remembered them all! I am almost done X-mas shopping!
  10. My mom
    My dad
    My brother

    (And if there's anything left, my two kitties!)
  11. oh dear.. loads..

    -my parents will get a joint gift, i'm painting something for them
    -two brothers, they get nearly identical gifts
    -my two favourite cousins.. but they're brother and sister and they have another brother so it would be mean not to get him anything since we're spending christmas together so... that's another one.
    -and another cousin
    -and at leat four friends..

    and i must have forgotten some there.. christmas is expensive :wtf:
  12. This year I need to buy all the presents for my family and my fiancees family. But we have been shopping together b/c they are all from both of us.
  13. Mom
    2 brothers
    2 friends (most of my friends and I don't exchange gifts - we may just bring eachother cookies or an ornament)
  14. Mom and stepdad
    Dad and stepmom
    4 brothers
    2 sisters-in-law
    1 brother-in-law
    2 nephews
    1 niece
    2 birthday gifts (dad and one of my nephews have their birthday on x-mas)
    3 kids

    And I think I am almost done!! Yay!!
  15. Just the kids...hopefully the dh will do what he did for everyone last year again. He decided to charter a bus and take everyone to AC for the day. Knocked out a lot of Christmas shopping. Got to spend some time with everyone. And everyone had a good time. Would it be terrible to do that again?