How many pairs of shoes?

  1. I'm sure there is a thread elsewhere addressing this, but I bring this up because this weekend, I took photos of all my shoes and put their pictures on their shoe boxes and the clear plastic boxes from The Container Store. (Yes, I was obsessive-compulsive this weekend).

    I counted 93 pairs of shoes and that doesn't include the 10 pair I gave away to my BFF and the 20 pair I gave to her a month ago.

    I know that is a mere number compared to many of you, but are we all like this? The sheer number is difficult to comprehend but I really can't see parting with any of them. :hysteric:
  2. ooh..I wouldnt dare count mine..PHH would be like...I TOLD YOU SO..YOU HAVE A SHOE AND A HANDBAG PROBLEM!!!!!!!!..ROFLMAO!
  3. I believe I have around 70 here. I leave extra pairs at my bf's place so I don't have to pack them whenever I go see him. I have 5 pairs at his place so around 70.
  4. I've never counted them but I'm sure it's over 40. :X
  5. I never had counted either, but I figured since they were all organized, I would count. It was kind of sad. I knew I would never have more than Jill but I was wondering if anyone else was as warped as I was? And, I still think I need a few more. ~sigh~
  6. Wow, all of you have a lot of shoes! I have about 25-and that includes my dance shoes. :biggrin:
  7. so not know exactly but in between 200 to 400 :shame: :shrugs:
  8. wow coachwife that is a lot of shoes:wtf: .

    I moved last summer and also began to organize my shoes so I counted too. As of June 2005 I owned 143 pairs of shoes with quite a few of them BNIB. FRom June 2005 to now I'd say I bought another 30 pairs of shoes and about 15 pairs of sneakers (I collect NIKE air max 95).

    For whatever reason DH dares not comment prolly cuz he's a shoe fiend as well. I'm in desperate need of rehab:crybaby: . When I give them away my lil sister gets them. She hasn't bought a pair of shoes in 3 years lol
  9. The last time I organized it was at approximately 500 pr (including flip flops & sneakers.) I am now in process of photographing them all in order to keep them organized (and MAYBE limit ANY NEW aquisitions.)
  10. Thanks for all your comments. Now, when PHH complains, I can throw up some larger numbers in which to compare. :smile:
  11. Not as many as I used to have.:sad:
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