How many pairs of shoes do you think you have?

I used to work for Joan & David while going to undergrad- and lets just say I amassed a ridiculous amount of shoes. Since then, I am nothing short of a shoe whore- it's worse than my obsession with handbags. Although I will NEVER admit it to my husband, I know I must own at least 200 or so- and I hardly wear even a third of them!
I have about 15 pairs. Most of them are high end, like Manolos and Prada. My everyday shoes are Kors suede wedge loafers, and they're great because I can continue to repair them and they look better with age. :smile:
Wow! I thought I had a lot of shoes (or according to my boyfriend)!

I think I have about 30 pairs, mostly flats and flip-flops. I just purchased these this weekend: