How many pairs of shoes do you own?

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How many pairs of shoes do you own?

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  1. I'm in the process of getting ready to move. Which means organizing and figuring out what I'm gonna keep and toss.

    I realized today that I have a ridiculous amount of shoes. I just counted the ones that are just here at my apartment, not including those in storage, and I have 63 pairs of shoes!!! :wtf:

    Am I in the minority? Or are there others out there like me?
  2. 63? My husband sure wishes I had 63 pairs of shoes.

    I've broke 100 with many of my shoes stored at my mom's house.
  3. too many. no new shoes until all the old ones have been worn at least once!!!
  4. I probably have around 170-200 pairs. I am in love :love:
  5. 171, but I own no high end shoes-mostly chinese laundry and steve maddens
  6. There is no way for me to count. I really have no idea. I have shoes all over, in different houses, probably in storage in different closets too. I'm always losing them. I cannot find some of my favorites, which upsets me a lot. The number of shoes is something I really don't want to count, because that suggests I am spending too much money.... In the past week I've purchased ten pairs of shoes....

    I doubt I have over 200 though.
  7. About 80! I was a shoe freak long before I discovered tPF, lol.
  8. damn i want to go count, but its gonna take a while...
  9. Hahahaha!!! It seems like I am in good company!! :roflmfao:

    Seriously, I don't have nearly as many as some of you, but EVERYONE always balks at how many shoes I have. :p
  11. :wtf:OMG!!! are so lucky :drool::nuts:
  12. If I told you, I would have to kill you! I lost count years ago. I would say 200 plus.
  13. Wow. When those of you have 100+ shoes, do you think of shoes as a collection? Like how some people collect baseball cards etc... you collect beautiful shoes?

    I love shoes and look forward to working on my collection. That's how I justify it anyway :biggrin:
  14. haha i'm glad to see i'm not alone!!! :p

    i dont' even want to count all the shoes i have. unfortunately though i don't have any high end ones (yet!) but i LOOOOOVE shoes...and bags...and clothes.... its just not something men will ever understand. when you have a lot of nice shoes, its just such a nice feeling!! my dream is to have an entire room dedicated to shelves and shelves of louboutins and other beautiful shoes!!
  15. oh and do we all agree that if you have like 300 pairs of shoes but theyre all runners, it doesnt count? :roflmfao: haha