How many pairs of jeans do you have?

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  1. I looked at at my closet and realized I have an ungodly number of jeans . . . it's to the point where I don't even want to accurately count them for fear of realizing I have a denim addiction (ladies, I'm sure you know what I mean -- you think jeans that you don't really like or wear don't REALLY count, so you exclude them from your tally). Let's just say my sanitized count (i.e. denial count) is now at 12. Is this absurdley high? :blink: Help!
  2. I don't think you can ever have too many jeans! I have 4 pairs, two dressy and two casual.
  3. haha, I haven't counted mine either but I wear a pair pretty much everyday. (I'm a high school student so it works.) I don't think you can ever have too many pairs of jeans either.
  4. I have 15+. I have an obsession with premium denim! Oh here's a pic I took a while back to show my friend how obsessed I am:

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  5. 27 ! I know I Know !!!!
  6. 50 + more in storage my favourite brand is rock and republics!!
  7. i roughly have about 20 pairs..
  8. Only three...but I want one more.
  9. i have pared it down to 17 (actively being used) from 30 pairs....i was totally obsessed with denim since college and now i guess the novelty just wore off...haha! :smile: i gave most of my jeans to my mom and she thanks me for it cause she never has to buy another pair! the others i put them in my storage closet. the last pair i bought was last month...after that, i realized that i should give it a rest. :P
  10. 20+ i hardly wear them either.
  11. Last time I counted, it was about 25??!! Good heavens!
  12. I've got 2. I love jeans but they are enogh for me because I waer a lot of other trousers. Jeans are more my private life cloths. My hubby is the jeans man in the familiy.
  13. Wow! I only have maybe 5 pairs of jeans!
  14. i have around 20+ right now. i had ALOT more but i gave them away to goodwill. :biggrin: jeans are definitely my weakness.
  15. eesh... I have a denim obsession. I think it might be bigger than my handbag obsession! :weird:

    I have 30+ pairs of premium denim (7fam, Paige, AG, Frankie B, COH)

    And then another 30+ pair of 'cheaper' brands (DKNY, guess, rampage, xoxo, etc.)

    Yikes and this is just an estimate too :amazed: