How many pairs of jeans do you have?

  1. I buy most of my jeans on sale. Most of the ones I have are bootcut or straight leg. I hate being so short that all (except for one) have to be hemmed. The ones I have are:

    1 Chip and Pepper Olivia jean (bought full price)
    4 James Jeans the basic 5 pocket bootcut (all from a sample sale)
    2 Joe's honey
    2 Earnest Sewn Hefner
    1 7FAM Lucy
    1 TR Johnny
    1 Not Your Daughter's Jeans

    It's tough because the ones that go on sale are not my first choice in terms of finish. I also had some Old Navy, Express, and NY & Co pairs that I have since given away. Ever since I went premium I cannot go back.
  2. I have like 15-20, but I only use like 3 or 4 of them. I prefer dresses or skirts.
  3. Maybe about 2 dozen. There are only 2 that I wear on a regular basis. Because of this, I refuse to buy anymore jeans.
  4. 15-20
    in the span of two weeks i probably wear 6 different pairs... i have a few random hard to wear ones like bright red and bright purple. others are on raws reserve that i got on sale. :] i've stopped this habit...but i do need ONE more high quality not overdyed pair of black skinnies.
  5. TOO many. the last time i counted it was 35 but that was a while ago BEFORE i made a bunch of purchases =X sad thing is i only wear 'em on weekends now since i work =( maybe i ought to switch jobs haha
  6. During the winter months I wear dark denims I have about 10 pairs and the summer months I wear lighter colored denims, I have about 10 pairs as well. Among all my jeans, I only own 1 designer pair, it's my seven jeans I bought from TJ Maxx and fits me perfectly. My second most expensive jeans are 2 pairs of Armani Exchange jeans. The rest are from Express, American Eagle Outfitters, Ann Taylor Loft, and Sun Pacwear.
  7. that's really interesting...and i never knew TJMaxx carried Sevens. heh. In the past two and a half years I've bought 80% designer or jeans that retail for about US$150 ...once i spent 230$ (japanese repro/ish)...the rest are the affordable brands like Cheap Monday, BDG, Lux. haha.

    heh, i remember now that i tallyed my jeans a while ago when i was feeling mad guilty and stupid for buying four more pairs of jeans in the span of a week (acne, whyred, brick 912 jbrands, and red a77s...all of which were 50%+ off):

    Jbrand = 4
    912 brick, vintage blue (the only one @ full price back in 05), brown
    910 chapagne

    April 77 = 4
    Joey Colordrive grey, neon, red
    Joey Overdrive

    Swedish denim = 4
    Cheap Monday Tight sz 25 and 26
    Acne Tube in Cash
    Whyred Dee in Unwashed

    Japanese denim = 2
    PBJ Women's narrow
    Skull Lindas

    Italian denim = 2
    MissSixty New Tommy '02 or '03
    GStar some kind of distressed boot cut w/ flap pockets '04.. amazing fit at the waist and butt ...not the case anymore w/ gstar...yeesh.

    Urban Outfitters house brand = 3
    BDG/LUX--pair of shorts and two skinnies

    ...19. how shameful. heh. not counting old odd pairs of crappy levis, guess, and the gap jeans. :throwup: too much. :tdown:
  8. I bow in your presence!:flowers: HAHA I wish I had that kind of energy, but alas I am lazy :crybaby:! KUDOS to you :woohoo:
  9. I have 10 pairs. 3 of them give me muffin top, though, so I really only wear 7!
  10. Lets open the closet and see..

    1 TR Joeys Japanese non stretc denim circa 2004
    2 Paper Denim and Cloth both bootleg
    2 Joes (forgot style names!)
    3 7FAM - orig bootcut, Flynt, one wit sworovski crystals,
    3 Citizens of humanity - 2 Ingrid low waist flair, 1 Naomi stretch with Pink/Orange argyle
    2 Rock & Republics - Kiedis skull & Scorpions w/ silver hardware
    1 hudson w/ classic triangle pockets
    1 J Brand black skinny jeans (my recent purchase as of last week!)

    I wear COh the most for casual outtings, R&R dressed up going out.. hudsons & J brand less than a month old, so still workin them into the rotation :p
  11. interesting thread, bump :smile:
    I think in the 20's.
  12. ...I think I need to go jeans shopping...I have 5 pairs! WOW, i really need jeans...
  13. I have too many for my own good. I used to like Gap/Banana Republic jeans but since I bought my first pair of Rock & Republic, I never went back. Then I expanded to True Religion, it was love love love for me. Overall, I think I have about 40ish pairs of R&R and TR and of course, they were either on sale or from eBay, I could never shell out $200+ for a pair of jeans except for one time which I had to have that pair (ddduh!!).

    I'm a SAHM so that's all I ever wear. I have lots of dresses but I find it's much easier just to pull on a pair of jeans, nice top/tee, heels/flip flops & I'm Even in my denim, I find myself looking more polished than most people I see in the street.

    I wish I have the energy to dress up (minus the denim) like venusfly. I find it's too much effort to put an outfit together with the heels to match but then, where do I go. Shopping, soccer fields, driving the kids here and there, what's the point of dressing up.
  14. more than 30 with all kinds of styles (skinny, straight, bootleg, flare, boy-cut....etc)

    Brands: Parasuco, 7 for All Mankind, Space fB, Miss Sixty, Guess, and Levi's
  15. At least 40-50... and of those, I must have like 20 pairs to bring to the tailor. I haven't even been wearing jeans that often though (mostly dresses). :smile: