How many pairs of jeans do you have?

  1. Just curious to see how many everyone has in their closet!

    I have about 26 pairs that I constantly wear and a few pairs of jeans that I don't wear very often, like wide leg.

    My favorite brands are 7FAM, COH, and R&R.
  2. 26?! I think I have about 10. After reading that you have 26 I think I need to add to my collection :graucho:.
  3. :push: I know..I'm bad! Hopefully someone has more than me!! :p

    You're from Seattle!! I love family lives in Camas and Hillsboro, so we used to vacation to Seattle quite often. It's so beautiful but it is rainy!
  4. around 75 give or take a couple pairs. mostly SFAM and Paige. some TRs, Frankie Bs, RRs, AG, and a couple COH
  5. I just counted in my head and I stopped at 22 pairs of designer jeans. I also have ~10 non-designer pairs. I definitely need to sort through and get rid of some! :shame:
  6. 75?? Do you wear all of them?

    Whoops, I keep forgetting the search is back. Sorry!
  7. oh and here's an aerial shot i took one day this past summer, of course i've added more since the picture :push:

  8. ohh no no, i only posted the old threads in case people were interested in older responses to see how times have changed. and for reference! it wasnt to get at your or anything, sorry it came off that way :flowers:

    and nah, i think i only wear 1/4 of them. the other 3/4 are NWT and need to be hemmed :sweatdrop:
  9. Oh I know you didn't mean it in any negative way. :yes:

    Your collection is amazing! You are definitely someone I want to shop with! :amuse: I spy many pockets that I have in my closet! ;)

  10. nice :woohoo:
    i have about 20ish designer jeans..
  11. holy cow. :wtf: when you get a chance you should update this picture. WOW. :okay:
  12. mello-- that's amazing!!! You could have your own denim sample sale!

    My collection's nothing compared to yours..I only have 22 pairs.
  13. wow!
    i dont think i have that many, but ill just count off the top of my head
    15 pairs??

    are any of you guys part of the facebook group "my jeans are worth more then your life"?
  14. :drool: You make me want to go jeans shopping!