How many pairs do you think a shoe boutique can sell a month?


Nov 2, 2006
Southern California
Hi, everyone~

I was just wondering........ how many pairs of shoes do you guys think shoe boutiques sell a month.....? Not designer shoes but thoes small shoe boutiques that are very unique and sort of high end....

I am so much in love with shoes that one day I wanna open up a shoe boutique(dream :smile:).....carrying unique shoes, fashion forward, up to date, stylish yet

And I came to think that how many pairs do that kind of stores sell a month? If they are at a decent location? Does anyone here own a shoe boutique? Any ideas? Any tips? I am soooooooooo curious~!:confused1:

Soooooo curious rayrayray


May 4, 2007
That's a VERY tough question to answer as there are an infinite number of variables such as location, brands stocked, quality of staff etc.

The other thing to remember is that if a store in your town is already stocking the likes of JC and CL you may not get those brands as they restrict distribution.


Vintage CLs please
Dec 19, 2006
I go to Footcandy Shoes in St. Helena (wine country). They carry many brands. A SA told me that they sell 5 CL shoes a day. She didn't tell me how many total shoes they sell as we were only discussing CL. This store is on the main street of town and the only high end shoe in town. There are two other footcandy stores in Northern California/Bay Area with this one having the biggest selection.


Oct 16, 2006
I believe that all small boutiques that do not have that instant publicity (as if you opened up a CL boutique) will definately have to work hard in the beginning but can pay of. It is kind of like gambling. Word of mouth and advertising are huge, as well as a great unique selection that cannot be found elsewhere.